Valheim: Every Ore & Where To Find Them

*March 13, 2023: Updated for Xbox release to include more related information and links to related tutorials.

walheim Players will spend a lot of time gathering resources as they traverse the various biomes on the map. From collecting the initial wood, stone, and flint to collecting rare items dropped by defeated bosses, most items have a purpose worth keeping in a chest. Some great resources walheim Players need to keep an eye out for veins of ore that can be mined and smelted into different metals for crafting.

Some ores are easier to find than others, once the player starts walheim rescue. Others are located in remote areas, requiring good armor and decent pasture if the player hopes to survive the harsh climate long enough to mine. However, these hard-to-get ores are well worth the risk as they are used to craft some of the best tools, armor, and weapons in the game.

One resource that functions similar to ore but does not appear in the list below is ferrous. This artifact is used to craft weapons and shields, but can only be obtained by defeating Flynn, which will drop Scrap Iron. Since scrap can’t be mined, it’s not technically an ore. That said, if players want to craft durable ferrous gear, they’ll want to spend their time farming and killing Fring. Copper is also not an ore, but it can be crafted by processing 2 Copper and 1 Tin in the Furnace.

All Valheim ores and their biome locations

Here is a list of each type of ore that players can mine walheim. Ores appear in different biomes, most of which require Pickaxe or Iron Pickaxe to break.

  • Copper Ore – Copper ore is found in copper mines in the Dark Forest biome. Players will need a pickaxe to mine these veins.
  • Scrap Iron – Scrap Iron can be found in the Slime Scrap in the Vault Swamp Biome. Mining scrap iron does not require any tools.
  • Tin Ore – Tin ore is found in tin mines in the Dark Forest biome. The player needs a pickaxe to mine this ore.
  • Silver Ore – Silver Ore has a higher difficulty. Silver mines are found in cold mountain biomes and require an iron pickaxe to mine. Players also need to dress appropriately and prepare alcohol in case they freeze to death.
  • Fire Ore – Fire ore can be found in glowing metal piles scattered around the Ashlands biome. Players will need a few pickaxes on hand, as this is a difficult biome and movement requires planning.
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Each of these ores can be processed in a Furnace or Blast Furnace to obtain the respective metal needed for any project. Like any productive resource walheimPlayers will want more storage for each ore in case they need to quickly craft alternative tools or weapons. walheim This is a heavy survival game and the probability of dying in the adventure is very high, so having extra resources to spare is not a bad thing either.

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