How to Find (& Catch) Shiny Skitty in Pokémon GO

Players will have more chances to encounter Shiny Skitty Pokémon GO This month. While Skitty has been in the game since the main release of the Hoenn region Pokémon in 2017, its Shiny form won’t be added to the game until three years later, during the 2020 Re-Throw Challenge. Pokémon GO Not all shiny Pokémon are available in the game. Many of these shiny forms are added during special events or community days. Shiny Skitty can be caught randomly at any time, but upcoming events will make catching it easier.

Skitty will be hosting her own “Featured Hour” event on Tuesday, September 21 from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. local time. During this time, Skitty’s spawn rate will increase significantly. During this time, players can get double candy when catching Pokémon. Spotlight now doesn’t change Shiny Oddds, it’s still 1 out of 500, but it makes it easier to meet multiple Skittys at once, hence Shiny Skitty.

this Pokémon GO Skitty Spotlight Hour gives players the best chance to encounter Shiny Skitty. There are several things players can do to further increase these chances and make the most of this time.

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Players can use Pokémon GO The items they had in the event to increase spawn rate, increase the number of Skitties and encourage Shiny to appear. Players should also develop a strategy and make sure not to waste time catching other Pokémon during the event. Here are the key strategies used during Skitty Spotlight Hour.

  • Incense: Incense will increase the spawn rate of all Pokémon in the area. This will also increase Skitty’s odds of appearing in Spotlight Hour. The more Skittys appear, the better chance the player has of finding their Shiny form.
  • Lure Module: Similar to incense items, players can use this module to increase the spawn rate of all Pokémon. The neat part is that players can use this item with friends or other players to help them hunt. Duos can share responsibility for using the decoy module to maximize the number of Skitties spawned.
  • Run: If Skitty isn’t shiny, run away and meet the next person. Players only have one hour to meet Shiny Skity, which is not much. Run to save time between encounters.
  • Quick Catch Trick: Players who want to earn XP and double their candy can use Quick Catch Trick. This will skip the capture animation and save a lot of time between encounters, and also provide rewards for players who successfully catch Pokémon.
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In the end, there are no guarantees and finding Shiny Skitty was down to luck. Players who failed to catch Shiny Skitty this time may have better luck in the future if Pokémon GO Decided to organize a community day for Skitty.

Pokémon GO Now available on iOS and Android.

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