How to Get (& Evolve) Tyrunt in Pokémon GO

Tyrant is a Rock and Dragon-type Pokémon Pokémon GO When certain conditions are met, it will evolve into a tyrant. The best attacks for this dinosaur-like Pokémon are Dragon Tail and Dragon Claws. Due to its elemental properties, the Tyrant has moderate resistance to normal, flying, poison, and electric attacks. Also, as a stone, Tyrant is quite resistant to fire-type abilities Pokémon GO.On the other hand, the attribute of Tyrunt Pokémon GO Make the small dinosaurs weaker against Combat, Steel, Ice, Dragon and Fairy.

Both Tyrunt and Tyrantrum are launching at the start of Adventure Week, a limited-time search event that begins on June 7 and will end on Sunday, June 12 at 8pm local time. So those of you who haven’t completed the activity challenge should hurry up; otherwise, they will not be rewarded. However, this Adventure Week event is also a great opportunity for players to acquire Tyrant in a variety of ways.

Easiest way to get Tyrunt on board Pokémon GO Hunt Dragon Pokémon during Research Day on June 12 (the last day of Adventure Week). However, between 11:00am and 12:00pm, players will be able to encounter tyrants with much greater frequency, giving the trainer an almost guaranteed chance Pokémon GO Capture this cute little rock dinosaur. So those in no hurry to get their hands on Tyrunt can wait patiently for a day or two until study day arrives.

Evolved Tyrants in Pokémon GO

In addition, there are several other ways the trainer can capture the Tyrant Pokémon GO:

  • Adventure Week Field Research Quests: Fans can win Tyrant encounters as rewards for completing Adventure Week fieldwork missions. Such duties include”5 km . walk” And”Spin 25 PokéStops or Gyms“.
  • Adventure Week Challenge Rewards: One of the earnable challenges for Tyrunt players is “Explore with friends and earn 5 candies“The coach should equip those who can only go 1 km to have candy, so the challenge will be much easier.
  • Eggs hatch in adventure week: Any 7km egg Pokémon GO Obtained during Adventure Week can spawn Tyrants.
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Once a Trainer has a Tyrant, they can evolve a Pokémon into a Tyrant by feeding it x50 candies for the day. Those who have stocked up on rare candies will have no trouble completing this evolution. However, players who are short on rare candies will need to catch Tyrant multiple times to accumulate enough candies for the available Tyrant Evolution.

Pokémon go Available on iOS and Android.

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