How to Get The Mushroom Armor Set in Elden Ring

Elden’s ring Players are offered a variety of unique-looking gear sets, but none more so than the Mushroom armor set. This unique armor consists of three body parts and two helmets, which are highly resistant to most adverse conditions in the game. It is especially effective against Poison and Crimson Rot, as it has the highest Immune Defense stat of all the other sets in the game. The Mushroom set completely covers the player with mushrooms and mushrooms, making it one of the most unique armor sets Elden’s ring.

To get this armor, players need to carry with them two stone sword keys. These items are used to unlock certain areas of the game by breaking the seals of Imps standing in the way. Players can start the game with two Stonesword keys as souvenirs, loot them at various locations in the Land Between, or buy them for 4000 runes from various merchants such as Twin Maiden Husks.

To get this armor, the player must first enter the Altus Plateau area, either through the Canyon Veil Village, or get the two halves of the medal used to activate the Dectus Grand Lift Elden’s ring. The player can find the left half of the medallion at Fort Heit east of the Ringgrave and the right half at Fort Faros in Khalid if they choose to go that route. They will have to fight the boss, Magma Wyrm Makar, if they want to get through Canyon Veil Village.

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Where to find the Mushroom Crown in Eldon’s Ring

While the Mushroom armor set is mostly concentrated in one place, the heavier helmet Mushroom Crown is actually found in the underground area of ​​Rot Lake. The area is accessed via the Ainsel River Main, which can be reached using the portal at the top of Renna’s Rise or via the Ainsel River Well lift in the Liunia of the Lakes area. Elden’s ring.

Eldon Rim at Rotten Mushroom Crown location

From the Ruins of Grace on Lake Rotten, the player must travel southeast across the lake until they reach the end of the cave. There they will see some ruins and a few basils. Players will be able to find a collapsed pillar behind these enemies, which they can use to climb up the rubble to the right. They can then continue to the top and jump up the pole that hangs the corpse to find the Mushroom Crown.

Where to find the Mushroom armor set in Elden Ring

Elden Ring Mushroom Armor Set Locaiton Map Seethewater Cave

To get the Mushroom armor set, the player needs to use two Stone Sword keys to unlock the Seethewater Cave in the Mt.Gelmir area of ​​Altus Plateau Elden’s ring. Continuing inside, when the player reaches the wider part of the cave, they need to head southwest and follow the tunnel behind one of the mushroom men. Continue down the path to find a small tunnel heading east, near the rat enemy. Then, follow the right wall of the cave to a room with the Giant Miranda Sprout, and behind it are the remains of the Mushroom armor.

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Elden’s ring Available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and PC.

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