Why Sidney Is In Scream 2022 So Little

Warning: Spoiler scream 6scream 2022 revives the beloved series and sees the return of the main characters, but Sidney Prescott’s small role in scream 2022 Surprised many fans. Joining the ongoing trend of reboots/sequels (or as they call them in the movies: sequels) is scream Fifth franchise to ten years after release scream 4. simple title screamSet in the same vein as the Wes Craven films and faithful to the style of its predecessors, the film tackles new horror clichés, “rules”, styles, and even fandom themes. toxic.

Set 25 years after the events of the first film, scream 2022 brings the audience back to Woodsboro, where the new Ghostface has begun a new murder. After her sister Tara (Jenna Ortega) is attacked, Sam (Melissa Barrera) returns to Woodsboro to care for her and discovers who is behind the Ghostface mask. The killers are playing by the new horror movie rules, hunting down those with links to past killers and murders featuring Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell), Dewey Riley (David Acquis.. Special) and Gail Weathers (Courtney Cox) team up again to stop the killer.

Sydney passes the torch in the scream 2022

As the last girl in the franchise, scream 2022 wouldn’t be complete without Sidney Prescott, but as a reboot of this universe, the film also has to make room for a new generation of characters and a new final girl. Although Sidney scream The presence of 2022 is prominently shown in the trailer, and her role in the story is not an active role but a prominent cameo, appearing in the final third of the series. film and enter into a final confrontation with the Killer, only to further appease her status as the horror series’ (first) last girl. While some may be disappointed that Sidney doesn’t get much screen time and isn’t relevant to the story. scream Going into 2022, this is the best way to complete this “sequel”.

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scream 2022 is the fifth installment in the series built by Wes Craven and Kevin Williamson, but it’s also a legacy film, which means it’s a throwback to an earlier story (though the story is interesting, but late at the end). it also follows the same story with the same original story mode) and characters, but it also introduces a new generation of characters that could continue the franchise if the writers choose. Well, that makes sense scream Continuing from Sidney, hence why she isn’t the lead now and gives that place to Sam, but for the time being, Sidney is the key scream The franchise, because she was at the center of every murder in the first few movies, she had to be included even in a small way.

The same goes for Dewey and Gale, the former coming out of isolation to use everything he’s learned in the past to save as many lives as possible, while the latter comes in later and plays a role. equally small. Although many scream Fans will definitely want to see more of Sidney Prescott, especially after her frequent appearances in the trailer, where she scream 2022 does not disappoint, as it aligns with traditional themes and celebrates the franchise’s status as the last girl of the franchise, while also paving the way for new characters and survivors. eventually learn a lot from her, Dewey and Gale.

Sidney didn’t scream 6 at all

Sidney Prescott covered in blood at the end of the scream

Although she may appear only a little scream 2022sidney didn’t show up scream 6 Absolutely the first in a horror series. The reason for her absence was that actor Neve Campbell and the studio were unable to come to an agreement, as Campbell felt that their offer did not reflect the hugely important role she played. in the Scream series to date. scream 2022 As the torch passed on to a new generation of actors playing potential Ghostface victims.

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Even though she doesn’t appear, Sidney is such an important part of the series’ mythology so it’s clear she needs to be there in some way. scream 6. With the return of Gale Weathers, she lets the other characters know that she’s been talking to Sidney, who chose to hide with her husband Mark and her children when the new killer Ghostface arrived. Not only is this a wise move in keeping with Sidney’s sensible approach, but it also leaves space for her future image. Killing Sidney off-screen was an unwelcome call to the series, and she needed a proper goodbye before the series decided to move away from her entirely.

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