10 Games That Deserve A TV Show After The Last Of Us

With the success of HBO Max our last Now that the adaptation has aired in full, many are wondering what other games will be adapted to TV next. Game adaptations, such as by Paramount Halo It has been heavily criticized in the past due to its major differences from the original document, while the last survivor It differs from the original material at times, and it largely credits its proximity to the game’s story while also expanding the story to include new moments outside of Joel’s perspective.

This has revived players’ hopes of adapting to their favorite games, and many streamers have worked on multiple projects based on the game. grave thief And God of War The movie is being made on Amazon. Meanwhile, Netflix, with Castlevania series, with many war machine project and created in collaboration with Ubisoft split cell And killer creed Shows. With that in mind, here are 10 other game series that deserve a TV adaptation.

10 max

What’s more interesting about linear games is that their levels form the solid structure of a TV series. Original Max Payne Split into three parts, with John Woo’s action style and strong noir atmosphere at its core, this would be the perfect drama for a TV series. While director Mark Wahlberg’s 2008 film disappointed fans by rearranging and changing key elements and rushing to tell the story to fit its 100-minute length, the TV show could It takes time to unravel the story of Max’s wife more honestly. and the conspiracy behind the child’s death in several episodes.

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Big Bosses in Metal Gear Solid 3: Art of the Snake Eater

The work of game director Hideo Kojima has always been cinematic, with long cutscenes sometimes as long as a TV episode. Although the movie starring Oscar Isaac has been in the works for a while, metal gears Showcasing a game story spanning decades makes for an incredible TV show. This technically thrilling stealth series is filled with incredible dialogue, powerful character moments, and countless moral dilemmas that make watching the games as enthralling as playing them.

8 assassins

Agent 47 aims his suppressed silver pistol in Hitman 2 Gold Edition promo art

Two movies have attempted to adapt Agent 47 in the past, but the most recent one Hitman: Assassination World The game trilogy shows how a multi-episode approach is possible assassin Works if adapted to TV. As Agent 47 hunts down a variety of targets, the TV show can showcase unique murders each week and pay homage to the game’s more unconventional methods of assassination. By adding plot, such as an overall plot, it can turn this simple killing game into a show that keeps viewers coming back for more.

7 Alan Waking

Alan Wake stands in a dark forest, shining a flashlight and pistol at enemies offscreen

as it does Max PayneThe remedy is known for the impact on the games it makes up their sleeve. This is situation mind killerfollows the lead author as he visits the fictional town of Bright Falls, the site of many mysterious events that mirror his recent novel draft. A TV adaptation would clear things up because mind killer Clearly inspired by the work of David Lynch double top series with its locations and more surreal moments.

6 Mass Effect

Promotional art for Mass Effect's Legendary Edition, with a collage of the main cast.

universe Block effect So rich that it opens up options and even adapts the companion story to follow the different characters in it, while giving a nod to the game’s classic events. One of the main appeals Block effect However, the game allows players to create their own narratives with their own version of Commander Shepherd, so the TV adaptation may not be for everyone, as it faces with the difficult task of choosing a version. That being said, with its vast universe, dozens of planets, and political intrigue, it could easily become the next big sci-fi show if the story gets done right.

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5 shameCorona mask wearing a mask with a knife

The story of Corvo bodyguard’s quest to save the heir to the throne, Emily Kaldwin, if given so Game of Thrones Really brings the plague-filled steampunk world and its politics to life. humiliation There may be some common criticism, however, its narrative and its various outcomes (depending on the player’s actions) have been well received. Its sequel opted for a typical ending, so it’s likely the TV show will adapt it. humiliation In Corvo’s view, a show could also explore more of Emily’s story in the first game to determine that she can follow her ahead of the second season. Shameless Bo Doan 2 arc.

4 Biological shock A dad and little sister walk down one of BioShock Rapture's flooded hallways

Although Netflix already has biological shock Acting in movies, TV shows can become a great companion. biological shock In the game cities of Rapture and Columbia, the player has access to audio logs that tell the story of key figures in the city prior to the events of the game. An anthology series could dig deeper into these stories and would be an interesting way to show Rapture in its pre-collapse heyday.

3 sleeping dogs

Sleeping dogs, a man standing in the middle of the street in the rain

s’s story Dog is sleeping is a show that could easily be adapted for television as a special limited series. Wei Shen’s secret mission, where he infiltrates the Xin’Anyi trio and must be torn between law enforcement and lawlessness to maintain his cover, will provide plenty of suspense. Each week, Shen digs deeper into the criminal organization while delivering a variety of martial arts action.

2 dead spaces

A backlit Necromorph attacks Isaac who is preparing his plasma cutter

Legendary sci-fi and horror director John Carpenter says he will adapt blind spot like a movie. Although Carpenter also alluded to blind spot A movie could be in development with a different director, and this series would be a great way to further expand the universe beyond Isaac’s story. Indie series like the last survivor‘widely welcomed’a long time“Following members of the Church of Unitology, or those who worked on USG Ishimura’s planet-destroying mission, will probably be one of the best episodic stories television will ever allow.

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1 Red Dead Redemption

Arthur Morgan fires a Winchester rifle in Red Dead Redemption 2

rock star red zombie atonement The games have been critically acclaimed for their touching stories surrounding the fall of the Van der Linde Gang during the fall of the Old West, and given the length of the two games, the TV show will be one Great way to adapt them to other mediums in the best way. Former Rockstar developer Tobias Kleanthous even expressed his opinion that Leonardo DiCaprio will be Red Dead Redemption 2Adapted from the main character on the screen Arthur Morgan. Is a game comparable to the last survivor In terms of long-term success and impact stories, Red Dead Redemption: Redemption will be the next logical game; suggest a company like HBO Max do it.

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