Who Is Manoj Smitha? Migrant workers injured seriously in fire mishap at diapers factory

In recent news, it has been reported that 11 migrant workers have been seriously injured in a fire at a diaper factory in Hyderabad. The brutal accident claimed the lives of 11 innocent people. For more details and information you should read the article. Stay tuned for all the latest ideas and updates in the PKB news.

Who is Manoj Smith?

Recently, it was reported that a cylinder explosion caused a huge fire at a diaper factory near Burgula in Shad Nagar, Hyderabad. According to the sources, around 11 migrant workers are known to have suffered 50 to 80 percent burns and were later rushed to hospital. However, fire accidents are events where something burns, they are generally destructive, killing many people. A study shows that more people die in fires than in cyclones, earthquakes, floods and other natural disasters combined. In every city, fires break out in houses, slums, factories, warehouses, and other buildings.

Significantly, fires are a major threat to forests and wildlife because they spread quickly and cause enormous damage. The fire can easily spread over a large area causing much destruction and loss of life. There are many people who may fear burns, and this contamination can also harm plants, animals, and the soil, affecting crops, water, and soil fertility. Fire can be caused by many aspects and is mostly seen during the summer months, resulting in heavy losses and deaths. In addition, the death of people and livestock can occur due to burns or serious injuries from fire. The rural area often faces fires that burn all safely stored crops to ashes.

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There were 11,037 fire incidents reported across the country and similar to all these accidents, a major accident occurred in Hyderabad. A huge fire accident has reportedly occurred at a company in the Hyderabad region. A cylinder explosion started a fire at Srinath Roto Pack Private Limited near Burgula in Faruknagar constituency of Rangareddy district in Telangana on Sunday night. According to the sources, around 14 workers were injured and were taken to Shad Nagar Government Hospital. Of these, 11 suffered 50 to 80 percent burns during the fire. Therefore, the victims were sent to Osmania and Gandhi hospitals for better treatment. The reason for the explosion of the gas cylinder at the enterprise is still unknown. Upon arrival, the police launched an investigation and identified the victims under the age of 30.

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