How to Keep Your Phone Safe (From Friends and Family as Well as From Strangers)

Your phone is worth much more than the sticker price on the phone. Due to all the sensitive data it contains, it is ripe for exploitation by malicious third parties as well as curious members of your social circles.

There are plenty of ways to keep it safe from mischief, so these are the top options available to you if you’re worried about what might happen to your chosen mobile device.

Find out who hacked your phone

More and more people are discovering that their device has been hacked, usually as a result of a spyware infection.

The good news is that there are security applications that can help you identify the name of the spyware, and you can also remove it so it no longer tracks your activities.

Using your lock screen

While it’s possible to unlock your iPhone if you’ve forgotten your passcode, we now live in an age where you don’t even need to remember a numerical code or phrase to access your phone.

Modern devices from all manufacturers often include fingerprint scanners and even facial recognition capabilities, allowing you to keep your screen locked at all times except when you want to use your phone.

Enabling biometric scanning is a convenient and effective way to protect your device, especially if you leave it unattended around the house where curious children could steal it. This will prevent you from allowing unsupervised web browsing or unwarranted in-app purchases.

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Keep your phone out of sight

Remotely hacking your phone is one thing, but having it physically taken from you is much more traumatic and harder to recover.

For this reason, it is best to keep your phone out of sight when you are in public places. Crowded places are just as risky as isolated ones when it comes to attracting thieves, so resist the urge to check your device or even answer calls until you’re in a private place where no one will see you.

Most cell phone thefts are opportunistic, and if a thief takes your device while the screen is unlocked or even locked, the consequences could be dire.

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remote data wipe

As mentioned, a stolen smartphone could give thieves access to personal data, so knowing how to remotely wipe it is essential for modern users.

The steps involved vary depending on the device you own, but it’s pretty simple as long as you have access to another phone or a computer with internet access.

This is also a good reason to back up your private files regularly because if you haven’t and you have to run a remote wipe, they’ll be gone forever.

change passwords regularly

There are a number of password best practices you should follow for the online services you use, one of which is to change your passwords regularly. That way, if one is compromised, potential hackers won’t be able to use it.

The same goes for using different passwords for different devices and services. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket and use the same password in more than one context, or you’ll be much more exposed.

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The bottom line

It is better to assume that you will be a target of thieves and hackers at some point and act accordingly, rather than hope for the best and do nothing. Even family members can leave you in the line of fire, so it makes sense to be careful.

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