How to Use Virtual Phone Numbers for SMS verification

A recent trend is that registration on certain resources requires verification in the form of codes received on a mobile phone as text messages. We will not discuss now the security of this type of registration verification or confirmation, but it is an effective method when dealing with financial or government institutions, social networks or messengers, but it is questionable for other sources.

The reason for this is obvious when registering on sites that are not financial or do not handle sensitive information, this type of identity verification is more a whim of the resource owners, through which they collect a customer database potentials from numbers that will later be used for advertising purposes.

In such cases, it is quite logical that you do not want to enter your number in such a database, but it is necessary to use this resource. A logical question arises about how to create a virtual phone number for verification.

What is a virtual number for SMS?

A virtual number is a temporary phone number that works only over the Internet and does not require a mobile phone, but connects remotely over the network. Just sign up for a special service and with a few clicks you can get a virtual number yourself. You can use this service on any device with Internet access.

You can have a virtual number with the area code of a city or mobile operator in any country in the world, such numbers are practically no different from ordinary phones with a SIM card.

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Why do I need a VoIP number?

A virtual number can be used for the same purposes as a traditional phone number, that is, to make calls and receive text messages. Many factors affect the cost of a virtual number, from the country of the provider to the features it offers.

To explain, here are the three basic types of numbers:

  • A temporary virtual phone number to receive text messages. It is used to register on social networks, messengers and other sources where you need to confirm your phone number via SMS to register. This virtual number allows you to receive an SMS with a verification code and register new accounts without having to buy a SIM card. The average price of these unique numbers ranges from $0.05 to $0.2 each. SMS-man, for example, offers the option to buy a temporary virtual number to receive SMS for only $0.05.
  • Leased number (permanent) for SMS. It is issued to the user for a certain period of time, for which a rent is paid. This service is more expensive than the single phone number service because you can receive an unlimited number of SMS.
  • Virtual number to make and receive calls. It is widely used by online stores to facilitate communication with customers. For example, when you need to make a transaction in one city, but you are in a completely different city or country. You can simply connect to a foreign virtual number and make cheap calls.

For example, large companies connect a complete virtual PBX with call distribution to specific departments, voice menus, call recording, and many other features.

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Advantages of VoIP numbers

  • Cheap of service. Registering a virtual number on social networks, messengers and platforms that require SMS confirmation is much easier and cheaper than using a SIM card.
  • Easy to use. To obtain and use a virtual number, you do not need experience or the purchase of expensive specialized equipment. All you need is any device with internet access.
  • unlimited possibilities. You don’t have to be tied to a specific location, user or device. You can use your virtual number from anywhere in the world where there is an internet connection.
  • Comfort for customers. You can practically separate your personal and business accounts by simply creating a new WhatsApp, Telegram or Instagram account. If you want to separate your private life from business conversations, you no longer need to buy hundreds of SIM cards.

Everyone can choose the virtual number that suits them and significantly save money and time.

How to get a virtual mobile phone number for SMS

If you want to get a virtual mobile number without much trouble and expense, here are the detailed instructions. With SMS-man, you can easily get as many virtual numbers as you need. Do the following:

  • Complete a simple registration at (at the same time you can get acquainted with all the services, of which there are many);
  • To top up your account, go to the “Payment” page and choose the appropriate method;
  • Next, you need to determine which phone carrier is best suited for you in a given country. To select a country, go to the main page (the page features about two hundred countries);
  • Select the service you want to sign up for;
  • Click the “Buy” button next to the selected service to get the phone number. The purchased number will be immediately added to your account and ready to use.
  • If you want to read all the SMS messages you receive, go to your SMS-man account. A confirmation code will be sent to you shortly, which you can view by clicking the “Accept SMS” button to the right of the number.
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Thus, you can receive virtual mobile numbers an unlimited number of times, just repeat all the steps as many times as you like.

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