Hunting Clash MOD APK (Menu, Onehit/Easy hunting) 3.9.1

Clash of the Hunts MOD APK Info

  1. kill one shot
  2. Keep an eye on
  • V2: Vision does not waver.

Hunting Clash is a game where you play as a hunter who survives in all wild jungle. Players will use weapons to destroy the animals living in the forest. They are all wild animals and can even pose a danger to you when you get close to them. Beautiful scenery will sometimes distract you because everything is simulated with high quality graphics. The hunt collides with the hunt to conquer the rarest animals. Do you want to be a traditional hunter or a modern hunter? Each side has its own interesting point of view. Come to the thrilling chase in the world famous forest.

Hunting wild animals can be considered a prohibited activity in many places. Hunting Clash makes it easy to enjoy your hobby without paying fines or warnings from the police. Montana, Kamchatka, Namibia and many more is where you and the other hunters are. Do not have too many animals, you must know how to seize the opportunity and kill them as quickly as possible. Hunting Clash allows you to hunt in a natural environment. Unlike the battle in Epic Battle Simulator 2, you can also experience the lighter gameplay in Funky Bay.

Mod version of Clash of the Hunts

  • have a loyal friend by your side
  • Enjoy great rewards when hunting with your dog
  • Upgrade your dog’s skills
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Download Hunting Clash Mod – Wild Animal Safari

Every day is a different mission for the player with many opportunities to kill animals. Most of them are familiar or you’ve heard of them on TV, in magazines or seen them in person at the zoo. Lion, deer, bear, wolf and many other animals are your target. The characteristics of each beast are different, so players must ensure high accuracy when attacking. Hypothetically, in the event of a missed shot, the animal you’re aiming for might panic and run away, causing the player to miss the target. The gun you use is a sniper type, so the accuracy is almost absolute.

hunting conflict mod apk

complete the challenge

Hunting Clash is not only hunting animals in the forest, but the missions of Hunting Clash also have many different requirements for players. You can subdue animals by hitting them on the head and nowhere else. Hunter skill needs proof, show it. There is always a way to kill any animal with a single bullet. Find dangerous targets and destroy them instantly.

Download the hunting conflict mod

choose weapon

There are 2 types of weapons for players to choose from: guns or bows. If you want to feel like a traditional hunter use a bow. In fact, most hunters use guns because of its many advantages. However, if you are confident in your abilities, using a bow is fine. Everyone wants their beast to be defeated, it doesn’t matter what weapon you use.

compete with other hunters

The forest does not belong to you. There are many other hunters here, be the best hunter with overwhelming loot. Basically, Hunting Clash makes it difficult for players to move animals. The presence of other hunters makes hunting more enjoyable. Surely no one wants to be an incompetent hunter. Hunting all day is like consuming too much ammunition.

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hunt clash mod android

Hunting Clash has opened up hunting paths in the vast forests in many parts of America, Russia, Africa. Lots of wildlife for you to explore. If you don’t destroy them, you can become a delicious meal when you let your guard down. The game allows you to freely destroy any number of animals. Download the Hunting Clash mod, choose your weapon and head into the wild jungle with giant animals.

Download Hunting Clash MOD APK (Menu, Onehit/Easy Hunting) for Android

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