Real Bike Racing MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 1.4.0

Real Bike Racing is a game where players participate in the world’s largest racing competitions. Italic Games meets great racers and creates a thrilling speed arena for anyone who comes here. It is necessary to reach the first place immediately after achieving the goal, which is also the goal that the opponent wants. From the same starting point, no one can predict how the outcome will change later. Confidence, acceleration, driving, these are all actions that players need to keep taking. The gameplay is very simple, you just need to care about the accelerator, brake combined with the tilt of the screen to turn correctly. If you want to try Drift tricks, please refer to Drift Max Pro.

Cornering can be said to be the key challenge of this game. If you can’t get over all the flex just by tilting your phone, combine it with a footbrake and it really works. At the scale of the race at Real Bike Racing, there were a lot of people watching in the stands. Plus, you can explore countless famous racetracks around the world. Compete for a unique spot in the race, earn rewards and buy cars or upgrades. This is a collection of jobs you will do if you join Real Bike Racing. What are you waiting for without choosing a car, leaving the opponent far behind?

Download Real Bike Racing MOD APK – Experience the ultimate racing mode

Real Bike Racing is not a game that gives you a long list of features. At first, we will only see 3 basic game modes available here. In each mode, you can choose a vehicle and upgrade it. This arrangement is appreciated by players and does not confuse new users. Another special feature that the game is very interesting is that you can get hit. Be careful with your opponents, they will make you fall in the race for higher scores.

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3 exciting racing modes

No need for many game modes, but Real Bike Racing will still impress players. QuickGame, Career and VR modes are among the options before you get in the car and compete with other drivers. Details of each racing mode you see more below will understand better.

  • QuickGame: Mode that allows you to go to many famous racetracks in many different countries around the world. In different types of terrain, you can test your racing skills on the most difficult levels. Mountain, Netherlands, Argentina, Indiana, Brazil, Japan, Malaysia or Italy. Have you chosen your favorite destination yet?
  • Occupation: In this mode, you cannot choose freely but must complete each task to unlock the next level. 40 levels and 3 challenges, Normal, KnockOut and Time Limit, are waiting for you. Your rating will be saved, check your own achievements to see how you are doing.
  • VR mode: This is a special mode that allows you to experience the best driving experience. But to play you need to support Google Cardboard VR.

real bike racing mod apk

Buy and upgrade Moto

Real Bike Racing shows you how to choose and change vehicles in career mode. Competitors will have the right to prepare for the best score before the start of the competition. YMH256 is the default car, you can choose other cars with higher specifications. SJP08, CRB100, DKD98, BM500, MJP100, GS110R, KTMR8, DKDRR, AGS4 are all optional names. One thing to note, if you want to buy a new car, you must first upgrade the car to the max limit. So having a complete car collection here is no easy feat.

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real bike racing mod download

There is no limit to the number of real Bill and Gold racing bikes, players can upgrade any bike they want. Good technique, strong maneuverability, easier for the enemy to vacuum. Create distance with other racers and complete the race in the shortest time. Download Real Bike Racing MOD APK Choose your favorite racing mode and hit the gas right away.

Download Real Bike Racing MOD APK for Android (Unlimited Money)

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