Five Nights At Freddy’s: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Toy Bonnie

Toy Bonnie is one of the main fighting cartoons five nights at freddy’s 2. He is a redesigned “toy” version of Bonnie from the original game and shares many similarities with the original bunny in terms of style and attack.

Toy Bonnie has a more modern look than the older version, such as more details on the face and a hard plastic shell instead of fur. Toy Bonnie appears in many subsequent games, either as one of the main villains or as a Minifigure for the player to collect.

new and improved

Toy Bonnie is the “new and improved” version of Bonnie from the first game. He’s light blue instead of Bonnie’s dark purple, and overall he’s more modern. He is said to have undergone the most drastic change of all the revamped animatronics. His eyes are bright green, with bushy lashes and beard spots on his cheeks. Bonnie is said to look a lot like Freddie in terms of design, so Toy Bonnie now looks exactly like his own.


FNAF's toy bonnie looks scary

While gender really doesn’t matter in this game, there seems to be a lot of debate about whether Bonnie is a boy or a girl. Bonnie’s name in the original book confused many fans, and the toy Bonnie was only further confused by his eyelashes and what appeared to be a “heavy makeup face”.

However, the game’s creator, Scott Cawthon, has repeatedly stated that when designing Bonnie (and Toy Bonnie), he designed them as males.

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First motion animation

Five Nights at Freddy's Bonnie the Teddy Bear

exist five nights at freddy’s 2, Toy Bonnie was the first motion-animated animal. He initially appeared on the show stage with Toy Chica and Toy Freddy, but began walking through different party rooms before jumping into the vent.

After Toy Bonnie appears in the vent and jumps out to attack the player, the player must put on a Freddy Fazebear mask to scare Toy Bonnie and return to Party Room 3 to start the cycle again.

playing guitar

fnaf . toy guitar

Like the original Bonnie, Toy Bonnie plays guitar in the band and you can play five nights at freddy’s 2In fact, his guitar sounds similar to the original Bonnie, just with a slightly lighter tone. Toy Bonnie can be seen backstage in Party Room 3 with his guitar. However, when he left that room, the guitar was not with him and it is not clear what happened to it.

The pupils are smaller

Five nights at Freddy's

It’s not clear why this is happening, but Toy Bonnie’s eyes, especially his pupils and irises, will get smaller as he gets closer to the player. No other cartoon animal does this, and it’s supposed to have some supernatural reason.

It’s like his eyes shrink, like an animal’s, but, when light hits them, they stay the same. In the close-up shots in Banquet Room 4, his eyes can be seen shrinking, and when he walks into the office, they shrink even more.


Five Nights at Freddy's Bonnie's AR

Apparently, Toy Bonnie is very narcissistic. His personality really shows Five Nights at Freddy’s AR: Courier, when he had real lines for the first time. Toy Bonnie said he feels like the real star of the show, a superstar more popular than the player characters. It seems that most of his dialogue shows that he is primarily concerned with popularity.

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can not count

Full body FNaF 2 Bonnie toy

another line of dialogue Five Nights at Freddy’s AR: Courier Shows that Toy Bonnie is a little bad at counting. He randomly counts when the line is on, and since his voice is childish, that seems to be a reason.

Add to that his ego, pompous personality, high-pitched voice, and the fact that he can’t count correctly, and there are many theories that Toy Bonnie might have the soul of a child.

only bonnie has eyebrows

bonnie toys

bonnie toys are not the only one of them five nights at freddy’s Has eyebrows, but he is the only Bonnie variant with eyebrows. His thick black eyebrows stand out against the shiny blue plastic background. They give him more emotional range, which is how many players know he’s not intentionally aggressive, but mostly looks excited in his jump kill animation. No other Bonnie has eyebrows like Toy Bonnies, as it was probably just an additional make-up on his face.

unknown voice actor

Bonnie Toy Five Nights at Freddy's

Toy Bonnie was one of the last animatronics to feature a voice actor. He is said to be played by Stephanie Belinda Quinn in Five Nights at Freddy’s: Last Customer Night, But in the end he didn’t say the whole game.

Let’s say his voice is removed, making him the only toy anim without a voice.exist Five Nights at Freddy’s AR: CourierToy Bonnie has the voice of a pompous child, but like Freddy, his voice actor has not been announced and remains a mystery.

bonnie and bonnie toys

toy bonnie and other bonnie fnaf

Stage five nights at freddy’s 2, Bonnie and Toy Bonnie are the only two friends who never enter a room together. This is strange because both also have the most different appearance compared to other toys and their originals.

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There seems to be a reason Toy Bonnie and Bonnie are so separate – maybe there’s a deeper level of understanding between the two partners?

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