Taken: Where Are The Cast Now?

In today’s circumstances, it’s difficult to see a sequel to a movie that doesn’t carry a superhero label – horror movies are an exception – but Liam Neeson’s “Excalibur” has succeeded in shaping a trilogy. complete movie. in part, and in 2014.

Actors from those films have since appeared in various projects, although very few have achieved the fame that the Heist series brought them. If you’re wondering what these guys have been up to lately and who can do it best professionally and personally, read on to learn about today’s cast.

Famke Janssen

Most fans still know her as the almighty Jean Gray in the X-Men films, and Famke gained more attention when she played Brian Mills’ ex-wife in the Taken series. Since his last film, Famke has ventured further into television.

Famke is generally known for her supporting roles in big films, but she began focusing on small-screen lead roles, starring in Netflix’s Hemlock Grove and NBC’s The Blacklist: Redemption. She also continues to appear in films, her latest being the thriller The Poison Rose.

Katie Cassidy

At the time Taken aired, Katie was making regular appearances on The CW’s Supernatural series, but the role ended after a separate season. However, she was far from her time as Kim Mills’ unfortunate friend in Taken, and the latter most famously her time in Arrow.

Katie initially took on lead roles on shows like Melrose Place, Harper’s Island and Gossip Girl before eventually finding her regular spot in Arrow, where she’s been since 2012. She also married her husband at the end of 2018, which means that her personal life is quite busy right now.

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Zander Berkeley

He was replaced as Kim Mills’ stepfather in Taken 3, but we still remember Xander as the original Stuart St John. His penchant for playing sleazy types has earned him a number of supporting roles, none more famous than his role on The Walking Dead.

He last appeared on the show until 2018, where he gained fame as the dodgy Gregory that fans detest. Xandar has never been unemployed and has appeared in blockbusters like Allegiant and City of Lies over the past few years.

holly border

Yes, her role in Taken only lasted about a minute, but Holly Valance was a hugely popular character when the film came out, appearing as a die-hard celebrity fan when the movie came out. Kim Mills.

However, over the past decade or so, Holly hasn’t been as popular as it was in the 2000s. Her last TV appearance on the Shopaholic Showdown was in 2013, while her most recent film role. Her role was in the 2015 independent action film Red Herring. However, she is doing well in her personal life, married to billionaire Nick Candy, with whom she has two children.

Whitaker Forest

Forest Whitaker won an Oscar for about a decade before joining Taken 3, and his stardom has continued to shine over the past few years as he’s featured in numerous blockbuster films.

Forrest has had supporting roles in films that grossed over $1 billion worldwide, including “Black Panther” and “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story,” as well as starring in smaller films. like “City of Lies”. His work on the small screen has also been fruitful, with Forrester most recently starring in Empire.

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Douglas Scott

Dougray is the actor who replaced Xandar Berkeley as Stuart in Taken 3, and one can understand why when looking at Scott’s films, one sees him playing tough, villainous characters in films like Mission: Impossible 2 and Hitman.

Since then, he’s also maintained a love of gritty content, appearing alongside Famke Janssen in Hemlock before appearing in Fear the Walking Dead and the latest Batwoman TV series, along with several miniseries. alternating between those programs.

Olivier Labourdin

It’s hard to forget the face of Jean-Claude, who turned out to be involved in the human trafficking case that led to Kim’s arrest in the first Taken, which led to the famous scene when Brian interrogates Jean-Claude by shooting his wife. .

The actor has not appeared in a mainstream film of this scale since his second film appearance, mostly in various feature films in his native France. His most recent release was Burn Out in 2017, but his sizable movie catalog suggests we’ll see him again soon.

Jon Gris

Fans won’t remember Jon Gris the way one might expect, but Supernatural viewers will remember the actor very well. Jon’s role as Martin in Supernatural, after his first two appearances in Heist, means he has two major franchises to credit.

Jon finally started to become the male lead starting in 2016, with the lead role in Dream Corp, LLC, where he played Dr. Roberts, whose unconventional approach eventually led to various pranks. He is also one of the few actors to appear in all three movies at the same time take Movie.

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maggie grace

She wasn’t part of the Rick/Negan war plot, but Maggie Grace became part of the Walking Dead family as she ventured into the undead universe to continue her initial success. tasted in Lost .

The fact that Maggie overcame the initial setbacks after starring as Kim Mills to take on one of the lead roles in Fear the Walking Dead is impressive considering how quickly characters are killed off in the show. submit . She is also continuing to act and is expected to star in the romantic comedy Love, Weddings and Other Disasters next year. She’s also grown up because Maggie married her husband Brent Bushnell in 2017.

Liam Neeson

We really don’t need to give you a quick update on Liam Neeson, who remains the A-list star in the Taken trilogy. However, Liam has broadened his acting range quite a bit now, as he has been seen appearing in such versatile films as Silent and Widow, as well as Commuter and Grim Chase Wait. The series went on to star in action films.

Liam’s time as Brian Mills is still fondly remembered, with the immortal saying “I’ll find you and I’ll kill you” meaning that as long as Liam Neeson is in the business, the legacy is Taken’s will survive. continue to exist.

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