“I Was Asked To Leave” – Damon Lindelof Finally Opens Up On Star Wars Departure

Writer Damon Lindelof opens up about himself Star Wars Retired, just half a year after he announced his participation in the feature film. Now, Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy’s Star Wars The Skywalker Rey-focused movie has been officially announced, along with confirmation that this is the original project for which Lindelof was hired. However, Lindelof left the project in February 2023, bloody gangster Creator Steven Knight was hired to rewrite the script.

Although Lindelof’s exit is unknown, Star WarsThe writer finally revealed the reason for the film’s failure in an interview gentleman. When asked if he is negotiating Star Wars film, Lindelof replied: “I’m not just talking about joining the Star Wars universe, I’m entering the Star Wars universe and being asked to leave.” At least the reviews are entertaining. Lindelof’s words show that he has no intention of leaving Star WarsInstead, Lucasfilm asked him to leave to make room for another screenwriter.

Why was Damon Lindelof asked to leave Star Wars?

The answer to why Lindelof was asked to leave Star Wars is less specific. gentleman In the interview, Lindelof said that he would still make a movie, “Unfortunately not with me.” This makes the rumor that Knight was hired to rewrite the Lindelof project even more grounded by Lucasfilm’s ever-changing plans. Star Wars on the big screen caused him to leave.

With Lucasfilm giving up on developing other projects entirely in recent years, it’s clear the studio is trying to map out its master plan. Star Wars’ The future of theatre. It is now clear that after the Star Wars Celebration 2023, this involves the discovery of three cults Star Wars timeline. The simple truth is that it’s likely that whatever Lindelof envisioned for his project didn’t fit in with Lucasfilm’s plans, and so the studio asked him to leave. However, there may be more revelations about Lindelof’s canning projects in the future, including three new projects. Star Wars A movie after a long movie hiatus.

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