In this fun quiz, try to find the hidden error in the shop picture. Can you spot the mistake in 11 seconds?

In the image above, you must have noticed the error hidden inside the Grocery Store image. A sane mind can spot a mistake within 11 seconds.

You must look at the picture carefully before answering the question because the answer is quite simple but difficult. As a warning, the answers to this quiz are given right below the question, so be careful not to scroll too far and cheat!

To find errors and overcome challenges, look closely at the picture. In the photo, the guy is buying some gifts and looks confused.

The store is full of grésegi and other items. Thanksgiving sale going on. Now take a moment and try to see if anything you think is incorrect.

At first, you probably won’t immediately notice the error because it’s a smaller detail than you think. But after a few seconds, you can spot the mistake in the question.

So the answer to the puzzle is that the biggest pocket on a men’s jacket is on the wrong side. The pocket should be on the left side of the jacket.

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