Injustice R-Rated Trailer Reveals Superman’s Brutal Murder of Joker

Warner Bros. released a new red ribbon trailer for their upcoming animated movie, injusticewill be released on October 19, 2021.Matt Peters (directed in 2017 Alliance justice dark) as the film’s director, Ernie Altbacker (batman: boo) for scripting. Films adapted from video games, god of injustice among us and the next graphic novel, Injustice: The Gods Among Us: Year One.

wide strokes injusticebelong to The different incarnations remain the same: The story takes place on an alternate Earth, where Superman (Justin Hartley) is driven insane by the tragic deaths of Lois Lane (Laura Bailey) and their unborn child. – led by the evil Joker (Kay Venpollack). ) instigated events. Superman is devastated and establishes a totalitarian regime that rules the Earth with an iron fist. As the Superman regime’s grip on society begins to tighten, many become disillusioned with Superman’s rule, prompting Batman (Anson Mount) and his allies to organize a resistance movement that is won called “The Uprising” to get Earth out of Superman’s regime. Due to the bleak theme, injustice The franchise isn’t afraid to show a lot of violence and gore (source material Correct It’s a fighting game after all). Now it looks like the upcoming movie adaptation will follow suit.

Warner Bros.’ latest red ribbon trailer injustice Shows how brutal the upcoming movie will be. The trailer shows Superman brutally killing the Joker in his interrogation cell – something even the original video game failed to show. Check out the full trailer below:

Click here to see the trailer.

The trailer makes it clear that Peters’ film (literally) will spare no effort to adapt the more macabre aspects unfair story. In fact, DC’s entire library of cartoons is famous for its crude interpretations of popular comic book plots. Sharp tones work well in many situations; however, it can also work against adaptations, of which Alan Moore’s cartoon adaptation is a famous example. Batman: Deadly Joke. exist Killer clownThe screenwriters added redundant, confusing sex scenes to the already problematic storyline of Barbara Gordon (aka Batwoman).

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Gritty for the sake of grit is a repeated criticism of a number of R-rated movies. However, given the level of darkness, unfair Source material is available, and additional violence and gore shock can help complement the story’s themes. That said, the quality of the final product will always depend on the execution. Hope Peters and associates. Balanced with their adaptation injustice.

Source: Warner Bros.

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