Inside NCIS stars Michael Weatherly and Mark Harmon’s feud

NCIS stars Michael Weatherly and Mark Harmon worked together on the hit series from 2003 to 2016 – when Michael left the series – and while the pair seem to have a lot of respect for each other, it’s not. didn’t go well from the start. Find out more…

Back in 2020, Michael revealed that he and his colleagues were not always close. He explained in the interview that they came to the show from very different places, and that Mark was “looking at him” when he joked about his slingshot and fake badge during the interview.

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He explained to The Futon Critic: “Mark Harmon and I are polar opposites. I’m Antarctica, he’s the North Pole and we just look down and say, ‘What about your pole? What is happening? The water goes down the drain differently for me.'”

He added: “And he was confused by my presence from the very beginning. When CNN Showbiz Today or something like that asked what was the best part of the pilot when we first started, I said, ‘I have a slingshot and I have a fake badge.'”

© CBSMark Harmon and Michael Weatherly at NCIS

Discussing Mark’s reaction to his joke, Michael explained: “Harmon looked at me like, ‘That’s your answer on CNN?’ [Laughs.] And I’m like a kid eating too much Earl’s chocolate in one bowl.”

After becoming the host of Bull, things changed for Michael, and he opened up about finally understanding Mark’s role on the show after becoming the host himself. , admits the experience was “enlightening”.

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Michael Weatherly Mark Harmon© CBS The star reveals how much she learned from Marko

“It was very enlightening and gave me insight and respect for what Mark Harmon has done all these years,” he said. When I said, ‘Why isn’t she having fun like the rest of us?'” He also explained that he learned a lot from his co-star.

Michael had previously hinted that he might one day return to NCIS. In response to the fan, who wrote, “We all want to see you and Ziva reunite and enjoy the moment,” he replied: “Stay tuned… because this could be an exciting year. for ‘moments’ like that!” We certainly hope so!

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Meanwhile, Mark has left the show in 2021 and previously spoke on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert about why he believes it’s been such a hit. “We were out in Hollywood, working late, at 9:30 p.m., 95% of the cast was working, and we all went out to dinner together.

cote de pablo michael by weather© CBSMichael teases his return to the series

“You have a lot of people out there who love their job and have a responsibility in it, it’s been years, you work with these people every day and it just works when people want to be there. I’m proud. been there for 17 years, but even more proud of the team.”

Discussing the adorable interview, one person wrote: “It says a lot about the chemistry between the actors when he says that the best moment is not on set, but when all they sit down and eat, it’s a simple thing and I love it.” while another added: “I love Mark Harmon. Realistic, principled and amazing husband. I couldn’t ask for more.”

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More footage of Michael’s time on NCIS

Michael Weatherly at NCIS © CBSMichael Weatherly on NCIS

Côte de Pablo, Michael Weatherly and Mark Harmon© CBSCote de Pablo, Michael Weatherly and Mark Harmon

Michael Weatherly, Cote de Pablo and Mark Harmon© CBSMichael Weatherly, Cote de Pablo and Mark Harmon

Michael Weatherly and Sean Murray© CBSMichael Weatherly and Sean Murray

cote de pablo michael ncis by weather© CBSMichael left the show in 2016

michael's weather feedback photoHe went on to another show, Bull

michael cote de pablo by weather© Photo: Getty Images England reveals his comeback in 2023

michael weather ncis© Photo: Getty Images Would you like to see him return as Tony?

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