My Big Fat Fabulous Life: What We Know About Season 10 So Far

the last thing fans see My big fat man’s wonderful life Fans of the ninth season have seen Whitney Thore buy a one-way ticket to Paris and wonder when the tenth season will premiere. Although Whitney has shared some small revelations about her love life, fans are still anxious to see how her encounter with the Parisian man will unfold. The good news is that Whitney has shared information about the new season with her Instagram followers.

Stage My big fat man’s wonderful life In season nine, Whitney continues to grow her business, called No BS Active, while grappling with a painful breakup with Chase Severino. After Whitney and Chase ended their engagement, Whitney used an app to distract herself by learning French. Her interest in another language quickly leads to an unexpected online romance with her French tutor. Things definitely got serious at the end of season nine. Whitney is also considering future motherhood and has considered inviting her friend Heather Sykes to a surrogacy program. Currently, Whitney has frozen eggs and the reality TV star is still searching for her perfect partner.

Whitney, 37, was in Paris just over a month after filming ended and shared that she bought a one-way ticket to see The Frenchman. Although she has not revealed who her mysterious French boyfriend is, she has let her fans know that she is happy and in love. Fans saw that he couldn’t fly to her and she went to Paris instead. They had no idea how Whitney’s new romance in France would play out. Fans are excited for the show’s tenth season, but TLC has yet to make an official announcement.

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My big fat man’s wonderful life The season nine finale has just aired, so not much is known about the next season yet. If and when TLC officially announces the next season, more facts will emerge. However, Whitney did say that season 10 will take place during a Q&A on Instagram. The show typically has two seasons per year, so fans may have to wait until at least mid-2022 for the next season to air.

scared fans My big fat man’s wonderful life Likely to be rescinded, because such an outcome means they won’t get answers about Whitney’s love life. Those who watch the show shouldn’t worry too much, though, as TLC usually doesn’t officially confirm the show’s status until a month or two before it airs. Also, Whitney was talking about another season, so it’s likely that the series will be renewed. There will be more from fan-favorite parents of Babs and Glenn Thore, as well as the entire Whitney crew. Fans also get to see more of Whitney’s mysterious Parisian boyfriend, who may finally reveal his identity.

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