IT Theory: What Pennywise’s Red Balloons Really Mean

fan theory ItPennywise and the red balloons he often sees give them new meaning – and that’s it. Stephen King has told many different genres of horror stories over the decades, but it was his 1986 novel that had such a big impact on generations of readers. ItThe story follows a group of children who call themselves “The Losers Club” who are terrorized by an evil shape-shifting creature they call “IT”, whose preferred form is a Clown. Pennywise dancing. The Losers are forced to face this creature for the last time in 27 years, which also exposes them to all of their childhood traumas – not just those caused by IT.

It It rose to fame in 1990 when it was adapted into a television miniseries starring Tim Curry as Pennywise. The novel was adapted on TV a few years later, but less well known as it was the Indian version with comedian Lilliputian playing the famous evil clown. Pennywise and the Losers was first adapted to the big screen in 2017, and a second part (about their adult years) was released two years later, starring Bill Skarsgård as Pennywise. . One of Pennywise’s most prominent features is that he carries a bunch of balloons (multicolored in the novel and red in the adaptation), which, according to fan theory, is more than just a capturing illusion. his victim.

Pennywise is just the fancy form of IT, but what it actually looks like is a bit complicated to describe. IT is an evil, cosmic, ancient entity originating from the Macroverse (a void that contains and surrounds the universe), and although it can take any form it desires, its Its true form is unknown as it exists only in an interdimensional world. field is called “dead lamp”. In the physical realm, its final form is a giant female spider, for that is the closest true form the human mind can comprehend, but thanks to its (dangerous) friends near the light. dead, should have an idea of ​​what they look like. Bill Denbrough has described them as writhing, shattered orange lights and IT as endless crawling, hairy creatures made of identical lights.

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Thus, the theory is that the balloon is a representation of a dead lamp, containing the souls of children killed by IT. Dead Lights can be described as a sea of ​​bright orange balloons, and Pennywise is a bit too literal. The ball’s strings resemble IT’s spider legs in their final form, and when taken to represent Dead Light in the film, they could also be a nod to the rope attached to Dead Light. It’s not the helium that keeps the balloon afloat, but the souls of all the children Pennywise killed, hence his fame.”it’s all floating here” Quote.

It Iconic, the adaptation also has many hidden details (especially the movie), so the possibility that the balloon that Pennywise carried is related to his true form and does not rule out all accidents. young man, which will also make him even more popular. scary. The true form of IT will always be a mystery and very complicated to describe, but the balloon can be an easy way to understand its contents.

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