Jealous parrot does not accept owner’s boyfriend

This feathered man loves his lover and doesn’t want to share her with anyone else. And for the parrot, the arrival of a new family member named Ryan is a real change.

A parrot named Dust lives happily with its owner until his friend Ryan enters the girl’s life.

Dustin did not want to face this unexpected competition and the man had to work very hard to get the parrot in his family.

She shared Ryan and Dusty’s complicated relationship online, and fans were thrilled to see the jealous bird become more supportive of the man.

Dustin was born without a tail, long hair did not grow on the back of the animal.

This made him even more special, over time he became an internet star.

The man tried to befriend the parrot for a while, but each time the parrot insisted on showing him that he was the owner.

However, the man found a way to win his heart. He started crying so that the parrot would help him calm down.

Here is the video:

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