Jenna Ortega Hoped Iconic Wednesday Dance Scene Wouldn’t Go Viral

Jenna Ortega on what she considers online trends Wednesday The dance scene inspired it, suggesting she was hoping the segment wouldn’t go viral. Viewers first watched the dance scene in the Netflix series’ first trailer, then watched the entire clip in episode 4, “Woe What A Night.” Where is Ortega? the addams family The character attends the Nevermore Academy dance. After the episode was released, the scene went viral on TikTok, with users creating dance clips and recreating the choreography in the video.

in an interview eraOrtega has been open about her career to date, in which she expresses her love for WednesdayThe viral dance trend has taken the internet by storm. The star revealed that although she initially tried to react positively to the news that the dance was loved by online viewers, she ultimately felt it would have been better if the scene hadn’t attracted much attention. Most importantly, admit that she sees viewers paying. too much attention to her choreography Dance “Disorientation”. Check out Ortega’s full response below:

not when they told me [it was going viral] I try to act like I’m excited about it, such as “Wow!” But mentally, in my heart, I want people not to focus too much on that part. It is losing its way. I don’t think people are born with that many gazes.

How Jenna Ortega helped make Wednesday’s viral dance

Inspired by the 1999 French film players, WednesdayHer signature dance scene was choreographed by Ortega herself, after Ortega and executive producer Tim Burton decided to change the order in which the scenes were originally planned. In early drafts of the scene, Wednesday would join a larger flash crowd, though both Ortega and Burton ultimately decided that the move would not be the role of the Addams family’s eldest son. . So Wednesday instead danced to Cramp’s 1981 cover of “Goo Goo Muck,” and Wednesday’s choreography captured the audience’s attention as she instantly stood out from her classmates. and still retain its unique personality.

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on top Wednesday Following the release of season 1, audiences were hooked, and one viewer edited the sequence into an accelerated rendition of Lady Gaga’s 2011 song “Bloody Mary.” As cutscenes started going viral on TikTok inside and outside the fandom, cosplayers and other loyal fans of the Netflix series recorded their own recreated choreography, even Madonna and the athlete Figure skater Camila Valieva (Kamila Valieva) also creates her own unique performance. This trend then continued to be recognized by Netflix itself Wednesday’In the part 2 announcement video, Ortega’s character narrates before the video featuring “Bloody Mary” acknowledges the viral trend.

Wednesday Although the series was released later this year, it quickly became one of Netflix’s top movies of 2022, breaking the service’s viewing records. While the series’ existing and new cast has been well-received by viewers, Netflix and celebrities attest to a viral trend that clearly states that the dance scene is one of the most memorable. best part of season 1. But with Ortega giving season 2 advice to the series’ writers room, the star could help shape Wednesday’s next adventures for a well-balanced reception. more throughout the season.

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