Stranger Things: 10 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up Steve As A Character

Steve Harrington’s journey from a bum to a big brother Make him as famous online as Dustin and the rest of the cast. Played by the versatile Joe Keery, Steve is a defender, punching bag and a growing LGBTQ+ ally determined to help his friend find the love that has eluded him.

And strange things Harrington is known for his passionate and creative fan base, and admires everything Harrington has created, from merchandise and artwork to fan fiction and memes. Steve’s constant meme handling humorously sums up his most endearing qualities, providing an interesting look at one of the strange things‘ Favorite character.

batman and robin

While Steve is a hero in his own right, many of his key moments and revelations involve his relationship with Robin and Dustin. Introduced in Season 3 as Steve’s sharp and sarcastic Scoops colleague Ahoy, Robin will become one of Steve’s most important allies, facing near-death and dating situations. dance when you’re with him.

From interpreting transmissions and infiltrating Russian labs, to tracking Reefer Rick’s address through his home video account, to infiltrating The Upside Down, Robin and Steve watch Danger is their job. Using the Drakeposting meme, humorously connects Steve’s Part 2 nail and the duo’s penchant for crime-fighting with the cloaked crusaders.

dad’s favorite

Speaking of Steve’s nail studs, Jonathan Byers actually customized spiked nails. Taking over the bat the same way Johnny Cash took over “Injury” from Trent Reznor, the bat will become Steve’s weapon of choice, using it against the Demon Masters, Demon Dogs, and swarming vines. huddled in the tunnels beneath Hawkins.

The meme pokes fun at how much Steve loves his spiny bat, showing how he bred it (and its clones) the same way he continues to risk his life to protect children.

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swipe right

Despite showing unparalleled character development and possessing a memorable lock of hair, Steve Harrington had no luck dating him after Nancy broke up with him. With highly regarded customer-facing jobs like shoveling ice cream in a sailor suit and a video rental sales assistant, Steve’s 24-hour flirtations somehow didn’t work, but they did. has inspired other personal journeys.

This rendering of Steve’s Tinder profile is charming and funny. Given Steve’s good looks and proud status as a guardian, there’s no doubt he’d play more than he has if he could touch the flames in ‘ eighty six.

independence queen

While Steve’s high school relationship with Nancy Wheeler turned out to be the worst of each, the former couple couldn’t shake the bond that had already been built between them when they had their first intimate encounter. . Nancy, envious of Steve’s relationship with Robin, once again finds herself lost behind his hazel eyes, and Steve admits he still dreams of having six children with her, something the pair don’t even bother with. only tactfully. love again.

Viewers dismiss the idea of ​​a Steve/Nancy reunion, saying that he deserves a better/healthier relationship. The meme uses the “he defends, but he also attacks” format to repeat that Steve’s mother deserves more than reconnecting with the person who dumped him.

great cousin

From an ostensibly kid showing up at Scoops Ahoy looking for his 18-year-old co-worker, to Steve rushing out of the kitchen and the two of them jumping around pretending to be a lightsaber, Dustin’s reunion and Steve in Season 3 is convincing. This moment confused Steve’s new lieutenant.

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This dynamic duo quickly becomes a trio when news of Dustin’s interception by Russian intelligence kicks off the trio’s adventures. This meme depicts the familial relationship between Steve and Dustin, and how Robin finds herself on the other side of their antics as adults.


With the first season strange things Happened in 1983, no doubt creative or classic evil death is the source of inspiration for events to take place. Dark LegionThe Photoshop /Army of Hawkins work does a great job of overlaying parts.

Like Ash, Steve works in customer-facing jobs and constantly throws himself into the battle against the devil. Steve’s boom isn’t his chainsaw, but his spiked stick. Both have been shown to be capable of taking hits, and the ability to see well in the face of fear is a big part of their appeal. While Steve doesn’t have as many punches as Ash, “Turns out I’m a pretty good nanny” is more or less his response to “Welcome to the King, honey.”


While Steve continues to grow as a man and ally, he still has all the qualities that make him “The Hair”. Extremely cool, with his exaggerated hairstyle, considerable resistance to attacks, his eccentric personality is an indelible part of his personality.

The meme creator created the Steve Harrington Starter Pack that includes all of his biggest hits. Hair, styling products, sunglasses, big sticks, the desire to protect your child and the necessary dark circles. It’s all there, like it’s part of his trajectory every season.

joint guardianship

Stealing attention from Steve’s great brother in Season 4 Eddie Munson, whose presence in Dustin’s life caused some sort of rivalry with Steve. While Dustin has room in his heart for two proud and protective mentors, they need Hawkins’ potential end to find peace.

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Canadian artist STRAGERCOCO likens Steve and Eddie’s presence in Dustin’s life to an ’80s sitcom on her Tumblr my two fathersLike Nicole’s fathers on the show, Steve and Eddie realize that not only do they have the same love and admiration for Dustin, but Dustin considers them the same. traffic light.

book club

Stranger Things Nanny Club

Steve Harrington is a reluctant, hilarious, and lovable nanny. While each of the six core children had some sort of parenting role model in their lives, Steve was responsible for raising them. Both friend and companion, Steve drives the kids to important places, again and again risking his life as if it were his job.

Note the similarities between Steve and the classic academic series nanny club, Tumblr user apriki PS Steve into his own novel. Since the series follows a group of nannies who solve various mysteries while guiding teenagers and taking care of their children, “Steve’s dire situation” is identical to Hawkins’ Steve when he was at Stoney , Connecticut Like Brooke.


Although Steve is a babysitter, he is so much more. Steve had no idea how empty his life really was until The Upside Down went to hell with Hawkins. Dustin, Mike, Max, Lucas, Will and Eleven scored for him. He’s no longer a bully but a friend, brother, style icon, confidant and protector.

Now Steve is playing a role in their lives that his parents did not, and he has learned selfless love from the way his children respect him. This wholesome meme shows that while there are many families in Hawkins, Indiana, Steve Harrington is the mother/father presence that holds them together.

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