Jeopardy: 10 Memes That Prove Alex Trebek Is One Cool Game Show Host

Since 1984, Alex Trebek, the TV quiz game host, has been a pronunciation snob who insists on giving answers in the form of questions. Danger! The show has gone through several iterations since 1964, but it all seems to be coming to a wider audience when Trebek takes over.

exist Danger!, contestants compete to earn money by answering questions in three rounds: Jeopardy! , Double jeopardy! And the last danger! Winners spin and keep coming back until they are defeated by another contestant. Trebek has orchestrated the show and has built a reputation over the decades for great entertainment and charm. Here are 10 memes that prove how much people adore Alex Trebek.

bearded horse

Since 1984, Trebek has worn a variety of clothes and beard styles. Fans love to comment on his looks. Danger! It operates almost continuously throughout the year, with only short breaks in the summer. When Trebek returned for his 35th season in 2018, fans were excited about his new beard.

The classic “you versus the guy she told you not to worry about” story meets Trebek with no beard versus Trebek with a beard. Either way, Trebek made herself look fresh.

Alex’s Reading List

a unique quality Danger! That is, the candidate must give an answer in the form of a question. If they do not follow this rule, their answer will not be counted.

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This illustrated meme provides a hypothetical Trebek reader that, of course, includes books with question titles. Trebek leans back in his chair with a glass of wine and enjoys the best book based on the issue: where is waldo?

legend in

Although born in Canada, Trebek has been a naturalized US citizen since 1998. He lives with his family in the greater Los Angeles area, where Danger! has been recorded.

Although Trebek has been a host since 1984, TV personality Art Fleming has been hosting the show almost 20 years before him. Fleming works for Merv Griffin, Merv Griffin is Danger!in various programs and projects.Griffin, except Danger!is behind the scenes wheel of fateHowever, who remembers Fleming or Griffin? Looks like Trebek stole the program.

We love you Alex!

In the spring of 2019, Trebek announced that he had been diagnosed with stage IV pancreatic cancer. Trebek undergoes chemotherapy while still a host Danger!. What a champion.

During the Fall 2019 Championship, player Dhruv Gaur decided that instead of The ultimate risk!, sending love to Alex made the presenter choke during the live broadcast. Gaur wore a purple ribbon in honor of Larry Martin, the 2018 Teacher’s Championship winner, who passed away from pancreatic cancer.

if not

In the midst of danger! And twice as dangerous! , Trebek conducted quick interviews with each contestant, giving viewers a glimpse into their lives and interests. Sometimes the contestants get ready with interesting stories, but other times it’s like crickets chirping.

In their defense, it can be extremely stressful to participate in a quiz show in front of a studio audience knowing that you will be syndicated on television networks across the United States.

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rapper’s joy

Answer provided by Trebek Danger! Pronunciation can be complicated, as signals often contain technical jargon, other languages, and complex phrases. Luckily, Trebek is an expert on words and is willing to correct when he makes a mistake.

In 2017, one of the Danger! The answer provided is a collection of the famous rap lyrics “From the Bottom” by Drake. Trebek decided to breathe some life into it and sang the lyrics to the contestants. The internet then had a lot of fun with sound.

“F” stands for flask

For years, Trebek had to act as an intermediary between the contestants and the quiz panel, sometimes giving awkward answers and sometimes getting odd answers.

Sometimes, candidates react with humor, especially when they don’t know the answer. In an episode of the Junior Tournament, the contestant with the most money bets $0 on Final Jeopardy! Question about the soldier. His response was, “Someone’s in Normandy, but I just won $75,000.” Classic.

Alex, cancer warrior

Fans of the show were amazed at Trebek’s resilience as he battled stage IV pancreatic cancer. His future as a host Danger! Not sure, but he’s been letting viewers know throughout the summer that he’s been responding well to treatment so far.

Trebek, who has a contract with the show until 2022, joked that under the contract he is obligated to continue working until then. He also said he prepared a 30-second message for his final taping as host, which fans hope will be a long time coming.

“So what’s wrong with you?”

Over the years, Trebek has proven himself to be a joker, turning odd exchanges with contestants into hilarious moments. Here’s what makes him such a great game show host: He can talk to anyone.

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In 1991, the real prank happened to Trebek, who was pranked by the TV show TV quizzes and pranks. He is invited to a fake Trebekkie music festival, where the audience asks him a series of strange and unanswerable questions. It turned out to be hilarious.

look at that mustache

Trebek has been a TV presenter since the 1960s, first in Canada and then in the United States. His credits include High roller, classic concentrationAnd Trap. Now known for her short gray hair, Trebek used to have a bushy beard and curly hair.

Despite his decades-long career, Trebek will always be remembered as a Danger!. With his signature smile, ability to emphasize language, and smug laughs, he seems to be one of the few people around who can make a crowd-seeking game show so much fun. taste.

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