Jerry Sadowitz’s Second Show Was Cancelled Due To First Show Complaints

Jerry Sadowitz, the 60-year-old Scottish-American comedian, has had his second appearance at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival “cancelled with immediate effect” following complaints about the content of his previous show. The Pleasance hosted the comedian’s inaugural gig, Not For Anyone, on Friday night. Before the start of the concert, the venue issued a warning about the comedian’s act. It is stated:

“This program includes strong language and themes that some viewers may find disturbing.”

Staff and audiences reportedly complained about several of Sadowitz’s jokes that made them “uncomfortable and dangerous to stay in the hall.”

According to Metro, a spokeswoman for the Pleasance Theater Trust said:

“Due to numerous complaints, we were immediately made aware of material that was considered severe in its racism, sexism, homophobia and misogyny, among other things.”

They said the following about the situation:

“We will not engage in matters that attack human dignity, and the language used on stage is, in our opinion, highly inappropriate.”

. @RealJSadowitz returns to @ThePleasance EICC tomorrow with his stand-up show ‘Not for Anyone’. This can’t be missed #EdFringe!

Grab your tickets 🎟️

— EICC (@eicc) August 11, 2022

Everything you need to know about Jerry Sadowitz and his Edinburgh Fringe dispute.

Jerry Sadowitz is an American stand-up comedian of Scottish descent who has often gotten into trouble for the dark tone of his humor. In 2010, he was voted the 33rd best stand-up comedian, while in 2007 he was rated as the 15th greatest stand-up comedian. He is also a close-up comedian and a skilled practitioner of sleight of hand, a type of entertainment used by performers. Sadowitz is also known for having written a number of books on magic. Sadowitz was banned from playing at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival because he “pulled a p***e on stage”, which was not well received by the audience, writes The Daily Mail. He also allegedly used a racist slur to allude to Rishi Sunak, the UK Conservative leadership candidate.

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An audience member who objected to the comic said he called Sunak an “ap***” and said “the economy is terrible because it’s run by ‘black men and women.’ This is not the first time that the comedian has been involved in a scandal. During one of his shows in 1991, Jerry Sadowitz was knocked unconscious on stage by an angry Canadian audience member. Jerry Sadowitz reacted to the situation on Twitter, claiming that his comedy act had been “cheapened and reduced to being dangerous, homophobic, sexist and racist”. Sadowitz went on to say:

“A lot of thought goes into my shows, and even though I don’t always get it right, especially given how fast I speak… and I don’t always agree with my conclusions (!)… I’m offended by those who, because I never he hasn’t seen before, HEARS the words being shouted in the first five minutes before they fly out without LISTENING to the material.”

Jerry Sadowitz also tweeted:

“There’s also a lot of funny, over-the-top sarcasm and nonsense, genuine fake and over-the-top anger and venom, and even pulling my dick out for the sake of the next catchphrase.”

Jerry Sadowitz

The Pleasance Theater Trust also said that “racism, homophobia, sexism or misogynistic language” has no place in their institution. They went to Metro:

“There is a line at Pleasance that we will not cross and we believe that on this occasion that line has been crossed.”

It is not known if Jerry Sadowitz will return to the scene later.

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