Neil Gaiman Responds To Coraline 2 Rumors

Author Neil Gaiman responds Coraline 2 Rumor, putting an end to fans’ questions about the sequel of the movie, which is scheduled to be released in November. Gaiman’s original novella, published in 2002, centers on the eponymous character as she moves into a new house with her family, where she discovers a hidden door that transports her to a seemingly idyllic parallel universe. However, Coraline begins to discover the more sinister nature of the other world and discovers that her and her family’s lives are in danger.

Coraline First screened in 2009 The nightmare before christmasHenry Selick serves as writer, director and producer, and the cast includes starring Dakota Fanning, Teri Hatcher, Jennifer Sanders, Dawn French, Keith David, I En McShane, John Hodgman and Robert Bailey Jr. A first feature film with stop-motion animation produced by Laika, the film received generally positive reviews for its faithfulness to the source material and imaginative visuals, and went on to win the Academy Award and Golden Globe Award for Best Animation. Feature Film Nomination. Coraline Too. The box office success, grossing over $124 million worldwide against a budget of $60 million, has many hopeful for a follow-up, although the likelihood of that happening seems low.

A fan recently asked the author on Twitter Neil Gaiman about reporting Coraline 2 There are rumors that a sequel movie will be released later this year. Gaiman responded to the rumors by bluntly shutting down the possibility of a follow-up to the 2009 adaptation. See Gaiman’s response below:

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Gaiman’s response Coraline 2 The rumors aren’t the first time the author has canceled the possibility of a follow-up to a novella. In early 2021, a fan asked Gaiman on Twitter about a sequel, but Gaiman declined because he wanted to wait for a “just” good or better than“Original Coraline Because he believes that there is no point in making subsequent works if the subsequent works cannot at least achieve the quality set by the previous work.Despite Gaiman’s new response Coraline 2 The rumor is short and to the point, and the author’s feelings seem to be very similar to how he’s felt before.

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Although some may desire Coraline 2 Going forward, it’s probably for the better that a sequel isn’t coming out anytime soon (if ever). The first film essentially wrapped up various plot threads, wrapping up the previous ghost that had been captured by Beldam and effectively got rid of it by throwing the key to another world into a hidden well in the nearby forest.although Coraline 2 It may not be possible, but audiences can at least look forward to another Gaiman adaptation arriving soon Sandman It will be released on Netflix later this year.

source: Neil Gaiman/Twitter

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