John Boyega Is Criticized After He Made Remark About Dating Rules

John Boyega recently talked about dating and the qualities he looks for in a mate. In an interview with GQ, the actor explained why he is in no hurry to settle down. Boyega stated:

“Both [work and job] important. This has changed. I’m 30 this year. I have mainly focused on finding peace and getting together since I was 28 years old. Move forward with integrity and openness. No cheating. No cheating. And commit to what I commit to.”

In the same interview, Boyega highlighted his dating habits, suggesting that he only dates black men. He say, “

“I only date black men and it’s all about chemistry, personality and ambition. Got a connection? I can help you? Can you help me?”

But his stance that he only dates dark-skinned women has angered netizens and displeased with his response. Twitter users have offered both support and opposition to his statements about his love life, sparking racist debates. Some social media users supported Boyega, while others were annoyed by his stance.

John Boyega reveals his dating habits.

As noted earlier, in an interview with GQ, John Boyega said he likes to date black women. He also said that when it comes to romantic relationships with someone, he has certain ground rules. Saying that I “date only black men,” John Boyega also noted that “chemistry, character, and ambition” are key factors when it comes to dating. He noted that he and his girlfriend wanted a similar “synergy”. According to the actor:

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“I am quite picky when it comes to talking to women. They don’t want you in their company. Since you are a public figure, you would rather have a wife and children. It’s the ultimate public relations package. On the other hand, my parents have been married for 35 years. There’s nothing the world can do to pressure me to be inspired by anyone but my parents.”

Boyega’s interview sparked a racist debate, with one Twitter user saying it would be “racist” if a white star said the same thing in public. When John Boyega replied to the now-deleted post, netizens reacted even more furiously. He declared:

“When people say they like blondes or brunettes, it doesn’t mean they like wigs. My choice is undisputed. [sic]”

How has the rest of Twitter reacted to John Boyega’s accusations of racism?

Netizens applauded John Boyega for standing up for himself when he replied to the post. Many people agree with Boyega that he was right to be transparent about his dating preferences. Boyega, who previously made a strong statement at the 2020 Black Lives Matter rally, was praised by netizens. Boyega spoke out against racism while supporting the victims of George Floyd, Sandra Bland, Trayvon Martin and Stephen Lawrence in his speech. In one of his speeches, he stated:

“I’m not sure if I’ll have a job after today, but let it be.”

John Boyega

Some of his followers also showed their support by playfully tweeting about wanting to be his partner. Some laughed in response to WIRED’s tweet in which John Boyega revealed he’s dating:

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Why is everyone focusing on other people’s interests?

— angel (@thunderquills) September 15, 2022

So liking his race is racist …🤦🏾‍♀️at this point he will start an argument about fruit being racist …🤦🏾‍♀️

— kotera_sketch (@AppoloniaCounc1) September 15, 2022

A Twitter user whose racist comment sparked a huge debate deleted it.

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