Every Red Hood Costume Unites in Art that Shows Jason’s Tragic Journey

Variant cover photo Task Force Z Jason Todd at #12 has worn many of his outfits over the years, from Robin to Red Hood. This striking cover visually represents Jason’s journey over the decades. He may have started out as Batman’s sidekick, Robin, but Jason Todd has become his own. The cover seems to be asking if the man is a hero or something more saddening.

Jason Todd was introduced as Batman’s new Robin in 1983 Batman #357, by Gerry Conway, Don Newton, Alfredo Alcala, and Adrienne Roy. Jason’s difficult history with Batman involves his own gruesome death and resurrection, but his pro-killing ideology as the former Red Hood has left him conflicted. with most of the other Gotham cops. Though Jason’s career as Red Hood started off on a more sinister note, he gradually earned the title of “anti-hero” and even “hero”. More recently, however, Red Hood has been feuding with the Bat-family (again). Task Force Z, There he worked with undead villains as well as the “Two-Faced” to achieve his righteous ends.

Task Force Z #12 is the final installment in the series, and this variation cover by Jim Cheung is an apt summary of Jason’s journey so far. At the front of the cover is Jason, no helmet, in his latest red hooded suit. There’s a trail of Jason Tooze behind the Red Hood. In the center are four classic Red Hood outfits, including those from under the red hood and the pill suit from Grant Morrison’s campaign batman and robin. In the background, a young Jason in a Robin suit, with the giant shadow of Batman looming behind many Jason Todds.

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This cover is definitely one of the best representations of Jason’s journey to date. For decades, Red Hood has struggled to make his own moral journey – especially compared to Batman’s strict code of ethics. While tracking Jason’s costume and weapon changes, the cover also traces Jason’s struggle to fit in with Batman’s legacy, as well as Jason’s own personal struggles during his career. Robin and his untimely death. The main feature of this artwork is of course the Jason Trail, but also note that the background of this artwork is a cemetery. In the back, Robin is sitting on a headstone, while in the front, Red Hood is leaning against another. Death is a prominent figure in Jason’s story, and this cover pays homage to it, as well as to all of Red Hood’s great design.

Jason Todd’s journey as Red Hood has been a rough one, but this cover photo by Jim Cheung shows Red Hood’s design choices over the years that have helped chart his heroic journey. How is Jason. Jason Todd’s heroism – depending on how one defines the word – is now on display Task Force Z, his morality is being tested. The series is a must-read for Red Hood fans, especially as the book’s 12th issue draws to a close, as Jason Todd grapples with his choices — morally justified or not.

Source: Comic Geek League

Task Force Z #12 will be released by DC Comics on September 27, 2022.

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