Joker’s New Origin Story Is Easily His Saddest Ever

warning! Pre-reveal for Superman: Space Age #3 Ahead! Joker just got a new storyline, but it’s far more tragic than any fan might have expected. Superman: space age The Clown Prince’s version of crime gave him an origin that could bring anyone to tears.

Joker is a man whose past is forever a mystery. but only because fans can never reality Knowing where Hate Harlequin comes from hasn’t stopped the creators from speculating about his origins Maybe Correct. In fact, many fans found themselves mesmerized as the Joker’s origins were discovered in the groundbreaking story, Killer clownThere, the villain is revealed to be a potentially failed stand-up comedian with a pregnant wife, whose desperation drives him to join the Red Hood gang. While the villain admits that this may not be his real past, that doesn’t make the possible origins any less sad.

Joker is now a father who lost his daughter in a fire

While Prime Earth Joker’s plot is up for debate, his counterpart on Earth-203495-B has very clear origins and is a heartbreaking story. Superman: Space Age #3 Directed by Mark Russell, Michael Allred and Laura Allred, introduces a new version of the iconic Batman villain who stole the Wayne Enterprises kids right from the corporate daycare center. . Bruce Wayne sets out to investigate the kidnapping, but even his facial recognition technology can’t help him identify the Joker. Luckily, the Joker called Bruce directly and told him exactly why this was happening. Joker reveals that he was once a clown at the unlucky party trying to raise his daughter. Unfortunately, they live in the Wayne Mansion, which is part of Wayne Enterprises’ secret plan to steal the disenfranchised.

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The clown not only lost his home but also his only child. Joker suffered horribly burns, leaving a permanent scar and grimace. By continuity standards, Joker has alluded to previous tragic situations, such as an abusive family or the loss of a loved one. But his past is so mysterious, I don’t know if what he said is true. Here, there’s no denying the Joker’s origins are real, as Bruce knows his company was responsible for burning Wayne’s Tower, making the villain’s background all the more tragic.

Joker’s failures make him more sympathetic

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The Joker is a villain that is rarely anthropomorphized, instead being portrayed as an evil force that haunts Batman.but Superman: space age Choose not to portray the Joker as a vaguely chaotic creature, but as an ordinary person who lost everything on the day his daughter died. Such a horrifying event makes the perpetrators even more sympathetic, because one can feel the traumatic loss like a dead child. The standard Joker may never have a touching setting, but this variation will almost certainly bring readers to tears. Readers can find Superman: Space Age #3Ready now.

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