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Star Wars remains one of the most popular space-themed series of all time. Everything that is most familiar today is focused on Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes. However, fans will once again witness the journey of their favorite characters, not as spectators, but as part of the story. The game will take you through the perspective of many different forces. Meet the most famous characters from the Star Wars series. Join them to fight against the enemies raging in space. This battlefield requires your skills and tactics to succeed.

Works like Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story or Star Wars: The Last Jedi are always appreciated by fans. The content that these films convey is extremely attractive. You can witness many battles in space. The conflict and fierce confrontation between the two factions of darkness and light. Most of the details and characters from those movies were incorporated into Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes. This once again made the fans extremely excited. Finally, they were able to fight directly in the vast universe.

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Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is a turn-based combat game that focuses on the strategy and strength of your team members. The main task of the player is to travel to many mysterious planets and lands. Face any force that threatens our lives. The most important thing is to collect the characters and command them to fight. The skills and strength of each character are the most important. Maximize your tactical skills in every battle. Your decisions will always influence your next move, so calculate carefully to your best advantage.

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Battlegrounds are always turn-based battles. You and your opponent will attack in sequence based on various factors. When it’s your party member’s turn, choose a skill to attack the enemy. The goal is to eliminate all enemies in the squad to achieve victory. In theory, all must be based on tactics and reasonable calculations. Depending on the difficulty of the level, you may lose a particular battle if the move is wrong.

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Upgrade character ability

Those who fight for you on the battlefield are warriors. Their shape and identification are taken from the prototype of the Star Wars series. That’s why there will be Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader … and other extremely familiar characters appear to fight with you against the enemy. But it depends on your luck. You will use resources to summon warriors through portals in the game. Each fighter has a unique race and ability. In addition, they also have their own skills when fighting. Upgrade and equip weapons to power up as quickly as possible. Use a variety of tactics in battle to diversify gameplay.

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Collect spaceships

Indirectly increasing the strength of the warrior is also an extremely important activity in the game. To build your fleet, you need the most modern spaceships. You will get them in a variety of sizes. Of course, the enemy’s attack will not stop. Fight them to successfully collect spaceships. Train your army and recruit more warriors for your team. Prove yourself to other players by visiting the Fleet Arena from time to time. Ship battles also yield valuable materials to level up the character to some extent. Don’t miss this rare gift.

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Join the Space Association

Traveling in space alone without anyone to accompany you will be very hard and lonely. So isn’t it a good idea to join a clan? You will meet many other players around the world. Share experiences of different levels and events with each other. Team up to battle powerful guild bosses like Rancor and AAT Tank. Clan members share rewards and powerful weapons as they work together. Search and battle other guilds on special occasions to advance in the Territory Wars. There are lots of fun activities to do when you join a friendly clan.

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Find familiar memories of your favorite childhood series. Directly interact with characters and fight in outer space. You’ve seen it in Star Wars before, now you can make it your own with the Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes mod.

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