James Gunn’s DC Universe Plan Revealed: 10 Movies & Shows Beginning 2025

James Gunn has finally announced some plans for the new DC Universe from DC Studios. When it comes to the DC franchise, Warner Bros. Discovery has had a rough few months, making a lot of changes behind the scenes. While some DC-related movies and TV shows have been cut, the studio is trying to move in new directions. In November 2022, DC Studios was launched with Gunn and Peter Safran appointed as Co-CEOs. Over the past few weeks, Gunn has been teasing on social media that some of DCU’s plans will be revealed this month.

With Gunn and Safran working on movies, TV shows, animations and video games for the DCU series, Gunn has revealed their plans. rant screen and other media attended a special event where Gunn and Safran announced the first half of Chapter 1 of DCU (their theatrical version). Chapter 1 is titled “Gods & Monsters” and will begin in 2025. The announcement comes with a total of 10 movies and TV shows that will correlate in this new universe. The goal is to release two HBO Max movies and two shows per year. List of movies and TV shows below.


  • Superman: Legacy: Gunn is currently writing the script, and Safran hopes the filmmaker will also direct the DC film. Scheduled for release on July 11, 2025, Superman: Legacy It won’t be an origin story, but will instead focus on how Clark balances his superhero life with his human life. The story will also explore how Superman is a symbol of kindness in a world that considers kindness obsolete.
  • authorization: Gunn is currently brainstorming a movie based on the character Wild Storm. The DC imprint will be brought into the main universe alongside the live-action film. According to DC Films, authorization Explore a well-intentioned anti-hero pushed to the extreme by a broken world.
  • Bold and daring: It will be a Batman and Robin story, with Nova playing the Dark Knight. Therefore, Robert Pattinson and Ben Affleck will not appear in the film. Based on Grant Morrison’s Batman Run, the story shows Bruce discovering that Damian Wayne is his son. Taught to be an assassin, Bruce must now protect Dami. brave and daring It will also feature other members of the Bat family. It has not been revealed yet whether they will decide which actors will play them, or whether DC Studios will use previously used stars.
  • Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow: The Maiden of Steel is working on her own solo movie, which will be based on Tom King’s recent DC movie, as he’s also the architect of the project. While Superman was raised by kind parents on Earth, Supergirl was left on a drifting piece of Krypton. Supergirl: Woman of tomorrow Her life will be discovered as she is forced to watch many loved ones tragically die.
  • Marsh thing: DC Studios is working on a movie that explores the dark origins of Swamp Thing.
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TV show:

  • Biological Specialty: This is the only animated series announced as part of the list. Gunn wrote seven volumes for the series. biological commando Will focus on Rick Flagg Sr. (who will appear in the live-action show, played by his voice actor), Nina Mazursky, Dr. Phosphorus, Eric Frankenstein, Bride of Frankenstein (main character), GI Robots, and Weasel .
  • wall maker: previously announced Amanda Waller A spinoff series is underway and Viola Davis will still join the cast. The show will take place at peace Parts 1 and 2. Because Gunn doesn’t have time peace Currently. doom patrol Executive producer Jeremy Carver and Warden Scribe Christal Henry is in charge of the series.
  • lantern: Although it is unclear if this is the work of Greg Berlanti green lantern TV show, lantern will focus on Hal Jordan and John Stewart. According to DC Studios, it’s a detective mystery with the Green Lantern on Earth as a super cop. lantern A master story of ancient horrors unfolds as you move between the movie and the DC TV show.
  • paradise lost: This is a Wonderful woman stylish prequel series Game of ThronesFocuses on the origins of Themyscira before the time of Diana Prince. paradise lost Will explore how to play the political game on Themyscira and what women in society do to gain power.
  • increase: A series focusing on futuristic tech superheroes and imposter syndrome is in the works. DC Studios is currently in talks with an unspecified actor to play the main character.

DC Movies and Main Characters Lost in the DC Universe Chapter 1

This has been a big promise that DC Studios will make over the next few years. However, there are a few players and movies missing that fans can look forward to. Despite the Wonder Woman prequel series, there have been no updates on where the heroine Themysciran will land in DCU. amazing woman 3and Gal Gadot’s lack of status in the future.

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The future of the DCU with Aquaman and The Flash is also a huge unknown, but most likely they will be revealed in the second half of Chapter 1. speed And Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom Launching this year, it’s unclear how they will affect the new DCU, if at all. Another missing item that many might have guessed is Alliance justice Movie.Superman, Batman, Supergirl and Green Lantern all have their own projects right now and they may be delayed Alliance justice Until the end of Chapter 1. It’s also possible that DC Studios won’t make it Alliance justice Movie up to chapter 2.

James Gunn’s DC Universe Plan Explained

James Gunn stands in front of DC Comics characters.

As stated at the event, the other half of the list will be revealed later, but this gives us a clear idea of ​​how the DCU will connect across multiple vehicles. It’s important to DC Studios to make sure the story and script are completely right before starting anything other than writing. The two chapters will last 8-10 years and of course more projects will be announced once DC Studios is ready. Gunn and Safran made it clear that the vehicle could still be moved if a movie or TV show required it at the time. All of this leads to a unified conclusion for the DC Studios team, and it will be interesting to watch the development of DCU in the years to come.

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