Mark Ruffalo Candidly Talks Awkward Edward Norton Hulk Replacement Situation

Back to the first stage, amazing hulk Star Edward Norton has been replaced in the Marvel Cinematic Universe by actor Mark Ruffalo, who recently shared his dilemma. Published in 2008, amazing hulk Following the success of the first MCU, Hulk for MCU is released with Norton Iron Man same year. Some behind-the-scenes issues led to Norton dropping out of the role after the film’s release, and Ruffalo was officially announced as the new Hulk member in 2010. The Avengers. now some characters from amazing hulk Back in the MCU, Ruffalo talks about the awkward replacement.

Speaking at Emerald City Comic-Con (via direct), Ruffalo — who has yet to make the Hulk movie due to MCU licensing issues — talks about the replacement amazing hulkNorton plays Bruce Banner in the MCU. According to the actor, he reached out to Norton and despite the dilemma, the former Hulk actor had no grudge against Ruffalo, revealing that the two were friends, “Iit was never a problem. Check out the full quote below:

Clumsy. (laughs) No, I mean, I didn’t talk to him, but I did contact him the way we do now when we don’t want to talk. I said, ‘Hey, man,’ and he said, ‘No, it’s okay. ‘ I mean, it was weird. It got even weirder when Robert Downey Jr. present at Comic-Con [in 2010]introduced me and said, “Now it’s Mark Ruffalo’s turn to take on the role of Hulk.” And they were like, ‘Yeah, huh?

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But you know, Ed… I don’t think… I don’t know how Ed is attached to it, you know. I think he was like, ‘Oh, thank God. Let Ruffalo handle it. But he is always beautiful. We are friends. It never became a problem. I’m very lucky.

Can Edward Norton and Mark Ruffalo play Hulk in the MCU?

Although Norton has been completely removed from the MCU since starring in 2008 amazing hulkhis films are now more firmly redefined in the MCU standard, with key characters returning from the movies. returning for the first time amazing hulk Marvel movie starring late William Hurt, who will reprise the role of Thunderbolt Ross in several MCU movies starting in 2016 Captain America: Civil WarFollowing Hurt’s death, Hollywood legend Harrison Ford was assigned to take on the role of Thunderbolt Ross of the MCU, who will serve as President of the United States at next year’s film festival. Captain America: New World Order.

The film, which stars Anthony Mackie as new Captain America Sam Wilson, is widely rumored to include a Hulk-style story. This makes sense, as Ford has been cast as the MCU’s new Thunderbolt Ross, and Marvel has announced that actor Tim Blake Nelson will be joining. will reprise the role of Samuel Sternes amazing hulk – is now fully realized as the leader of the MCU’s Hulk villains. While the new Captain America movie is shaping up to be the movie that fans will be excited about amazing hulkDisney+ She-Hulk: Lawyer The series saw Ruffalo’s Bruce Banner meet Tim Roth’s Abomination.

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With recent profits, only amazing hulk The missing stars in the MCU are Liv Tyler’s Betty Ross and Norton himself. While there are no updates on the two actors’ return to the MCU, it’s possible Norton and Ruffalo will be on screen as the Hulk in the near future. Marvel Studios is promoting the MCU’s Multiverse Saga, which will end in 2026 Avengers: Secret WarThe multiverse film allowed the studio to make up for Norton’s loss by taking on the role of Norton alongside his friend Ruffalo, bringing back Norton’s main star. amazing hulk.

Source: Mark Ruffalo (via The Direct)

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