Jon Bernthal Responds To His MCU Return As The Punisher

Marvel Cinematic Universe and who punished Jon Bernthal star responds to concerns about his appearance on Daredevil: Reincarnation. After years of being pushed aside, the original Marvel TV era is beginning to appear in the MCU. First, Charlie Cox and Vincent D’Onofrio return Spider-Man: Nowhere Back And Eagle Eyecorresponding.this reckless the star will appear in echo Before becoming the main characters in their own series, Daredevil: Reincarnation. While it won’t serve as the fourth installment of the canceled Netflix series, it will at best be a semi-sequel. Production on the Disney+ series, scheduled for release in 2024, has recently begun.

But Cox and D’Onofrio won’t be the only Marvel-Netflix characters appearing in the movie risking reincarnation. Bernthal’s Punisher will be at Daredevil: Reincarnation. this is a few years later who punished It was canceled at Netflix after just two seasons.

While Marvel Studios and Disney+ have not yet commented on the initial reports, Bernthal appears to have confirmed his return. The MCU veteran shared a photo of The Punisher on Instagram, which is still a secret. Currently, the studio has not had anything to do with Bernthal Daredevil: Reincarnation.

How the Punisher appears in other MCU shows or movies

It remains to be seen whether Frank Castle will get his own MCU show or movie. However, with his return Daredevil: Reincarnation, which sets more of a path for Frank in the larger MCU. Of all the Marvel-Netflix shows, who punished Definitely the darkest. The MCU movies don’t really go in any of the same dark directions as his show goes who punished.

However, the Multiverse has already begun to explore darker territories and will continue to do so. Some upcoming movies will be more thrilling, including bolt, deadpool 3And tongue. depending on whether they are up to date or not, Moonlight Knight And Eagle Eye That’s another option Frank presents next. In the comics, the Punisher is linked to the Thunderbolts, which raises the question of whether Bernthal will appear in some form in the upcoming film.

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In spite of who punished With that abrupt end, his return to the MCU comes at a better time than ever. Given the immense popularity behind his character, it’s hard to imagine that Marvel Studios wouldn’t have a plan for Bernthal back then. Daredevil: Reincarnation. During filming, time will tell The Punisher’s future.

Source: Jon Bernthal/Instagram

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