90 Day Fiancé’s Angela & Michael Allegedly End Marriage

Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi from fiance 90 days Celebrating their 3rd anniversary, it is said to be in keeping with their longstanding split. The 56-year-old Georgia woman was first spotted on the TLC franchise Fiancé 90 Days: 90 days ago Part 2 with Michael, a 34-year-old Nigerian man. Angela’s insecurities and trust issues often lead her to violently fight Michael. 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? In Season 7, Angela finds out that Michael has a secret American girlfriend he met on Instagram.

fiance 90 days In Tell-All, Angela Deem decides to divorce Michael. However, fans doubt that Angela will ever divorce Michael, as she has long since done so during their years together. Live happily ever after? In Season 7 Tell-All, Angela tells Michael that she “complete” with him Live happily ever after? Season 6, just to get back together. But according to a report connect, Angela and Michael broke up. “Angela and Michael are not together,‘,” a source told the publication. There is no further information on why Angela and Michael suddenly decided to break up. Arguably it was due to Michael’s cheating scandal or some new controversial situation.

Why does star Angela’s fiancé want a divorce from Michael?

Some time after returning to America after living with Michael in Nigeria, Angela discovers that Michael has a new girlfriend. Things between the couple are going smoothly since he agreed to delete his Instagram at Angela’s behest. But while Angela was still waiting for Michael’s partner visa to be approved, a friend of hers contacted Angela via text and voice messages between Michael and his girlfriend. “I was in bed with you when you told another b**** that you loved them. Do you want me to believe that you love me?fiance 90 days Celebrity Angela asked Michael on an episode of Tell All.

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Even though Angela time and again suspects that Michael cheated on her during their long distance relationship, she swears “with God” She never thought that Michael would cheat on her. For Angela, the deception doesn’t have to be physical. Michael told another woman that it was his sin that he loved her. Although Michael tried to deny that he had reactivated his Instagram despite Angela’s pleas, he insisted it was a “Impostor” his Instagram moderator, instead of trying to justify his actions, he calls his girlfriend “random womenfiance 90 days Star Michael admitted he was wrong and did not want anyone to come between him and his beloved wife.

Michael’s commitment to Angela worked in his favor, as the scandalous couple were spotted together on various occasions in Lagos, Nigeria in November 2022. If the mysterious source tells the truth about the breakup by Michael and Angela, it could have happened in the past years and months, not in September 2022 when Tell-All was filmed. In that case, the new breakup between Michael and Angela could be filmed for a new breakup. fiance 90 days turn off. After all, Angela was spotted filming in Florida with several other cast members last week.

Source: InTouch, Angela Deem/Instagram

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