Jungle Juice Manga Sees Heroes Grapple With Newly Grown Bug Body Parts

warn!spoilers ahead jungle juice Chapter 3!

korean comics jungle juice introduces a world where people are ashamed and trying to get rid of the bug body parts that have grown on them thanks to the series’ eponymous repellant. The most touching part of these struggles comes from the series’ protagonist, Zhang Su, who grows dragonfly wings after trying to kill that particular insect with the aforementioned insecticide.

Instead of accepting this sudden development, Zhang Su was very afraid that someone would notice (and perhaps experiment on him), so he actively tried to hide his wings. He eventually came up with the idea of ​​folding the wings like origami and covering them with tape. His fear of being discovered and thought of as a monster comes to a head while on a date with a girl at the cinema. However, romance is short-lived. During their romantic date, another guy who is affected by the same jungle juice spray shows up, but he is not shy about brandishing his insect-like body parts. He has not only the pincers of a praying mantis, but also the greed of an insect. Appetite for dragonflies.

Zhang Su is so terrified of exposing himself as some kind of Dragonfly mutant that when Mantis throws his date from a high-rise building, he actually pauses to think about whether he should risk losing his anonymity to save her. Of course, he dives to rescue her at the last moment, but ironically, the girl is so disgusted by him that when Jang Su visits her in the hospital, she calls him a monster, proving his fears. After nearly attempting suicide, he soon meets another, friendlier jungle juice victim who introduces him to a refuge designed for people like himself, aptly called “The nest”. It was at this point that comic readers learned that many other insect mutants also wanted to be free of insect appendages. Anyone who enters the shelter school and becomes a top student can get the antidote, and the number of antidote is limited, which is why the competition is so difficult.

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jungle juice There are many similarities with Western comics such as Marvel X-Men, The show explores the struggle of mutants to co-exist with the humans who fear them. What sets this apart, however, is the dramatic irony behind how the insect mutants become normal. Having bug appendages can certainly be seen as a handicap, but it’s impossible not to recognize how useful they are, like Jang-soo’s ability to fly. The schools in the Hive are aware of this, but all classes offered there teach students how to best utilize their abilities to become the most effective mutants they can be. Ironically, the student who was best at using the wrong parts was rewarded for losing them.

Of course, the school’s main goal may be to convince students who already have a handle on mutations to see the benefits of insect appendages and hopefully reject the antidote. However, jungle juice The picture shows a top student happily receiving the antidote. Either way, entering school and losing the powers you’re learning is a primal, almost contradictory concept that absolutely subverts one of shonen manga’s most prominent themes: the hero’s journey and the desire to be the best. obsessed. While the previous chapters explored some of the ways in which Jang-su actively hides and attempts to fit in are both stressful and endearing, especially when his desired girlfriend finds him in a compromising position that scares Jang-su, this new focus is Welcome, even if the school comic is a bit over the top.

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