Justin Timberlake Tours Luxury Home Worth More Than $100 Million in New MrBeast Video

Justin Timberlake and MrBeast explore a home that has plenty of amenities and a high price tag!

In his latest video titled “$1 Vs $100,000,000 House!” the famous YouTuber is joined by several famous friends, including Timberlake, as they tour houses in various price ranges – from a $1 “shed” that seems to be on the wane to the most expensive mansion – which is actually worth $139,000, MrBeast noted – which MrBeast includes as his mansion of 100 million dollars.

The ultra-expensive pad shown in the 20-minute video has three floors and includes 12 bedrooms, 17 bathrooms, views of the Los Angles skyline, a $2.5 million car elevator, a massive home theater with recliner seating and a giant screen remote control that can appear on command behind the outdoor pool.

“This is Justin’s house and he’s going to show us around,” MrBeast joked at the start of the segment, before the 42-year-old pop star responded with “No” as he laughed off the suggestion.

“The CGI is perfect,” Timberlake joked as he walked into the home and saw the view of LA through the home’s huge windows. “It looks real.”

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After putting the home in his personal “top five”, Timberlake was then given an exclusive tour as he took in the incredible kitchen, which he joked was “minimalist”, another room with walls made of rare marble imported from Italy, an ice room, an elevator for a $2.5 million car and a $1 million chandelier that was so heavy it caused the ceiling of the house to cave in, according to MrBeast.

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At one point, the group even looked at a supposed dinosaur fossil, and later the home’s “master bedroom,” which included a large shower that they discovered could allow the homeowner to “shower with 10 people.”

“That’s my thing, man,” Timberlake joked in response.

At the end of the tour, MrBeast asked Timberlake if he would come buy the mansion, and after confirming that one of MrBeast’s friends’ T-shirt came with the property, he jokingly said, “I’m in.”

But the $00 million-plus house was just one of the tours MrBeast took celebrities on in his latest video. Elsewhere, he’s also joined by Mark Cuban and Miranda Cosgrove for a few others. Cuban joined the crew as they took a peek at a $45 million block in the Brentwood neighborhood of Los Angeles, while Cosgrove checked out a $69 million mansion that iCarly the star laughed it was “much bigger” than his own home.

As the MrBeast crew toured the $69 million home, they pointed out “priceless artwork and sculptures,” a unique sound system, and sky bridges that allow visitors to move between rooms. The house was also built to withstand the force of a tsunami, MrBeast revealed in the video, due to its unique shape.

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While Timberlake may not actually be buying a house worth more than $100 million, he is embarking on a new venture.

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Just last month, the *NSYNC member and Tiger Woods opened a new New York sports bar, T-Squared Social, in collaboration with NEXUS Luxury Collection and 8AM Golf. The latest venture between the athlete and the entertainer offers an extensive beverage menu, food offerings with an “elevated view” of the classics, and plenty of other goodies.

It also features Full Swing golf simulators, bowling and darts, and televisions where guests can watch their favorite sports.

“We knew a concept like T-Squared Social would thrive in New York,” Timberlake said in a statement.

“It’s a wonderful space that goes beyond the typical sports bar experience. You can go to have fun without sacrificing quality or comfort. We’re excited to partner with 8AM Golf on this incredible opportunity right in the heart of one of the greatest cities in the world.”

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