Keira Knightley Reflects On Pirates Of The Caribbean Success Downside

Keira Knightley discusses the negative impact of starring in a movie But the pirate of the Caribbean. Knightley debuted as Elizabeth Swan in 2003 Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl. Despite being introduced as a largely patronized character, Elizabeth continued to take on more active roles in the franchise, even becoming the Pirate King.

when saying Harper’s MarketKnightley revealed that the role is a double-edged sword. Despite the professional benefits of playing the lead role But the pirate of the CaribbeanThe actor discusses his fear of being stereotyped as ‘popular object‘ in the role after playing Elizabeth. Check out Knightley’s full explanation below:

I entered adult life very early, which was an excruciating drop because of the experience of becoming famous at a very young age. There’s a funny place where women have to sit openly, and I’ve never been comfortable with that. It was a big shock. I’m judging by my prediction. [Elizabeth] is the object of everyone’s wishes. It’s not that she doesn’t have a lot of fighting power. But it’s fun to go from being a real boy to being predicted to be the exact opposite. I feel very boring. I feel sleepy. So the characters are then trying to circumvent that.

The role of a pirate of the Caribbean in Knightley’s career

On the first time But the pirate of the CaribbeanKnightley was 18 when he got out of prison. Prior to her role as Elizabeth, Knightley mainly acted in TV series and movies, in 2002 i love beckham. But the pirate of the Caribbean It was a huge opportunity for her to become a breakout star, giving her the chance to land the lead role in a blockbuster that would become a franchise.

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Tell me how many launch points But the pirate of the Caribbean As for her career, it will be interesting to see Knightley’s cautious early reaction. With one of her most significant roles to date, Knightley has every reason to worry about what Elizabeth will do in her career. Her next movie role is True love, The actor is also seen playing a love affair between two men, like the dynamic Elizabeth with Will Turner and Jack Sparrow. Although not the same as in But the pirate of the CaribbeanKnightley’s concern about typing has some merit.

Fortunately, Knightley found a way to “escape‘” In her later roles, she was an extremely popular, aphrodisiac young woman. Now she’s a two-time Oscar nominee for proud and prejudice And imitation game. Although she continued to play Elizabeth in But the pirate of the Caribbean With the next two films in the series, hers is now far beyond that.

Source: Harper’s Market

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