Pokémon GO: Tyranitar Raid Guide (Best Counters & Weaknesses)

Tyranitar is a Rock-type and Shadow-type Pokémon that the trainer will Pokémon GO. This Dinosaur Pokémon from Johto has a combat strength of 23,779, which means it can be attacked alone as an Advanced Trainer, but should be accompanied by other players. Therefore, having the proper element counters to defeat this Raid Boss is very important to get the best results in the fight. Tyranitar also has a small chance Pokémon GOappears with a yellow-green body and purple belly instead of the usual pale green color.

As a Rock and Shadow-type Pokémon, Tyranitar is resistant to Normal, Flying, Poison, Ghost, Fire, Shadow, and Psychic attacks. Therefore, Pokémon like Ninetales, Flareon or Arcanine will be very ineffective against this Raid Boss. On the other hand, it is weak against ground, insects, steel, water, grass, goblins and especially combat moves. If the weather is cloudy or foggy in the AR . world Pokémon GO, Tyranitar will gain a Weather Boost, slightly increasing its fast and active movement. In addition, this Raid Boss deals maximum damage when equipped with Smack Down and Stone Edge.

How to Fight Tyranitar in Pokémon GO Raids

Tyranitar’s best counterattack Pokémon GO Raid is Shadow Machamp, Shadow Hariyama, Conkeldurr, Lucario, Machamp and Mega Lopunny. However, not every coach will Pokémon GO. Additionally, the unaltered regular Pokémon listed below are perfectly resistant to Tyranitar in Raid Battles.

Since battle-type attacks deal 2.56x damage to Tyrannosaurus rex, all suggested attacks will be battle-type Pokémon:




mobile device



Evolve Timburr and Gurdurr with Candy ×250

  • Quick move: Counter
  • Cumulative moves: dynamic fists


fighting and steel

Evolve Riolu with Candy x 50

  • Quick move: Counter
  • Moving charge: halo

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Boss evolution and candy bosses × 125

  • Quick move: Counter
  • Cumulative moves: dynamic fists

Truong Son


Trainer uses candy x 50 to evolve Tomorrow get Truong Son

  • Quick move: Counter
  • Cumulative moves: dynamic fists


fight and grass

Mushroom evolution with candy ×50

  • Quick move: Counter
  • Cumulative moves: dynamic fists


battle and fire

Evolve Torchic and Combusken with Candy × 125

  • Quick move: Counter
  • Charged Moves: Concentration Shock
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    Release time: 2016-07-06

    Developer: Pokemon Company, Nintendo, Niantic

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