Lexi Reed Shares Tearful Video After Dropping To Under 200 Lbs. on Christmas Day: ‘The Best Gift of All’

Lexi Reed is officially under 200 pounds.

On Monday, the 32-year-old posted a tearful video on Instagram, sharing that she weighs 199 pounds. on Christmas Day after starting her weight loss journey at 485 lbs.

“I have some news!” she said as she vowed not to cry. “Yesterday I was in four Christmas centers. I worked out all year and today for Christmas, for me, I’m 199.4 lbs. I’m back in ONEderland! That means I lost 86.8 lbs. since March. This means that today for Christmas I am giving myself my health, I am giving myself my future, I am giving myself a better life.

“The best gift of all is our health. You never realize how important your health is until it is taken away from you,” she said. “I am so proud of myself. I tried so hard to get through everything.”

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Lexi Reed.

Lexi Reed/Instagram

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Reed has come a long way since her weight loss progress was derailed by a debilitating battle with calciphylaxis. It’s a rare disease that the Mayo Clinic explains occurs when “calcium builds up in the small blood vessels of fat and skin.”

Calciphylaxis causes “blood clots, painful skin ulcers and can cause serious infections that can lead to death” – and for Reed, the often fatal disease led to 59 weeks of treatment for painful sores all over his body last year.

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Since restarting her weight loss journey, the fitness influencer has said that her progress has been about “getting my life back” and not just a number on the scale.

“This is about me going through hell battling calciphylaxis and fighting to survive everyday chronic pain and 30+ open wounds,” Reed captioned her video. “This is about showing that 485 lb girl. that I would always fight for her and how strong she is. This is about never giving up on my health and proving that a comeback is always greater than a setback. This is to show others that it is never too late to change and that it is up to us to go after what we want in life. This is about letting others know that they may be facing the most difficult time of their lives right now, but that they are not alone and to hold on to their positivity.”

“I’m just a girl who wanted to lose weight and knew she wouldn’t succeed if she never gave up,” she continued. “I started in 2016 and I never looked back on my studies while I was on this path. I fell in love with self care and lost all the weight with diet/exercise TWICE. It’s never too late to make a change or start over because I promise you it’s worth it – start today!”

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