Like a Dragon: Ishin – All Global Fraud Answers

In the Yakuza: Ishin spin-off called “Global Deception”, players must answer three geographical questions to earn some rewards.

narrator in Like a Dragon: Ishin known as “Global Scam” Allows the player to help the local school teacher by answering some student questions about geography in exchange for some rewards. Like most of the optional side quests in the game, players find these by encountering one of the many interesting characters they can stumble across as they explore different areas. In addition, players can help anyone close to the protagonist Ryoma Sakamoto, which is recommended if they want to improve their overall virtue.

The Global Deception side story won’t unlock until the player reaches Chapter 3 of the main story Like a Dragon: IshinStylish stories of samurai passing through the gate to the Loneland region. As they passed the intersection of Teramachi Nandori and Teramachi-dori, a school teacher approached Ryoma with a worried look on his face. Short discussions are held when the teacher expresses a need for help to teach the student about places on Earth that he does not know much about. The player can choose to take his classes as a “student” of the teacher, preventing the man from being exposed as a liar by answering any questions the kids may have. .

Like a Dragon All Global Fraud Correct Answer: Ishin

Like a Dragon: Ishin's Global Fraud Problem #1 Arrow points to the country's small island name



question one


Question 2

Qing Empire

question three

country 4

The first question asked by the kids at the private school involved the location of a small island country on the map. The player’s choice is Japan or England, but they can check the map again if needed. Either way, the answer is still Japan, with Like a Dragon: IshinThe feudal environment of Japan, despite the presence of characters resembling modern humans Mafia series. The second question goes deeper into historical context as it relates to China’s era of power Like a Dragon: Ishin Happening in, the answer is the Qing Empire.

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Answering all the Global Cheat questions correctly will also earn the player 300 Virtue.

One last question from a smart student asked where the UK is located on the map provided. Players have four countries to choose from, but only the 4th country shows the country the young student asked about. Ryoma’s knowledge will impress both the class and the teacher, prompting the initiator of this side story to confess and apologize to his students. People who want to make money Like a Dragon: Ishin It will be fun to get valuable European fabric items as a reward for each global cheat answer and 300 virtues.

  • Like a dragon poster Like a Dragon: Ishin!

    Franchise: Yakuza

    Platforms: PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC

    Release time: February 21, 2023

    Developer: Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio

    Publisher: Sega

    Genre: Action, RPG, Hack and Slash

    Engine: Unreal 4

    ESRB: Male

    Introduction: For the first time, Like a Dragon: One Heart! to the west coast in this remake of the original PS3 title. Set in the late Edo period in Japan, Yixin! Focuses on Ryoma Sakamoto, a man struggling with his role in society, whose role is now completely shaken. With his mentor assassinated and a coup currently underway between factions, Ryoma integrates into the city of Kyoto and joins the Shinsengumi, the controversial shogunate police. Players will travel through fictional Kyoto of the 1800s, slashing, slashing, and shooting in times of conflict, representing the real Ryoma Sakamoto, who is known for leading the revolution against reform initiation. of the Shogunate. Like a Dragon: Ishin! Will play more like the original Yakuza series games, with more weapons in combat. Nghi Tan! Released on February 21, 2023 on all major platforms.

    Mode: Single player

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