Lonely Survivor MOD APK (Menu, God mode/Damage multipliers) 1.18.0

Lone Survivor MOD APK Info

V1: menu

  1. regime god
  2. Damage multiplier

V2: Unlimited Money

If a survivor joins the battle of Lone Survivor, he will have it all. It is impossible for one person to face hundreds of thousands of enemies from all directions. But anything is possible when your bravery reaches new limits. It was an uncontrollable change in weapons held. They will save your soul and make everyone stronger in battle. Can this great hero protect everyone? That would be a big question mark, depending on what we get.

Non-stop fighting is something that happens slowly in Lonely Survivor. The game is designed with many good features. It creates the simplicity necessary for us to automatically get used to and feel. Not only that, there are many things that can help us develop strength. The game is more about control and skill than people’s reaction speed. This makes it possible for anyone to deal with difficult situations calmly. But it’s also a big challenge as we get to the more difficult parts of creating.

Download Lonely Survivor mod – become your opponent’s destroyer

A lone warrior faces a massive invasion of the most powerful empire. But he won’t be scared because he has friends to support the fight. Stand alone among hundreds of soldiers and eliminate them quickly. You need to control it so that the hero can move wherever he needs to. He will attack all randomly approaching enemies on his own. Every time we kill an enemy, we will get a lot of experience. This allows heroes to level up and choose to level up or unlock new abilities. Help defend against your opponent’s next big attack.

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skill upgrade

Upgrading your skills is one of those things you should learn on your own if you want to go further. We will get this privilege after upgrading a level. Each level is three random picks that give you an advantage. All of these include effects that attack, protect, or increase damage. Your hero will optimize his strength if you choose the right direction for what you want. But if you can’t decide what you need, it’s a waste of talent. So we need to carefully read the notes in each skill before making a decision. Then wipe out your enemies with these incredible items.

lone survivor mod for free


Talking about equipment is talking about the enduring strength of the champion. Depending on the character class you choose, they will have appropriate equipment characteristics. A complete set of armor, helmet, weapons, boots, armor and rings. Each is equipped with a specific number of stats to give the hero more advantages. Amazingly, the stronger the equipment, the higher the rarity. The lowest is the white item, and the strongest is the legendary red item. You can hunt them down during store rotations or during major game-hosted events. You can also find these meanings by fighting bosses.

lone survivor mod apk

attack the boss

Bosses are a big obstacle when we learn the basics on the road. Each boss will defend his territory and rule with power. Fighting them requires enough combat power to survive. Watch out for tricks these bosses can use. Win the Lonely Survivor mod and get the best items.

Download Lone Survivor MOD APK for Android (Menu, God Mode/Damage Multiplier)

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