‘Love Is Blind’ Season 4 Alums Jackie Bonds and Josh Demas Split: ‘I Did Everything I Could’

Love is blind Season 4 couple Jackelina “Jackie” Bonds and Josh Demas have called it quits.

During an Instagram Live session, the 27-year-old dental assistant revealed the couple had split, just over two weeks after Love is blind: After the altar special aired on Netflix.

According to Jackie, the 31-year-old project engineer reportedly ended their relationship after she went against his wishes and decided to talk to his ex-fiancée, Monica Rodriguez, during the three-part special.

“[I’m] still sick because of that humble thing. I love that man,” she confessed to her followers in a video shot by RealityAshley. “I thought, ‘Hell, I had all these life plans with you, you know? And then you just don’t care,’ and I’m like, that’s crazy, because of talking to someone? – It’s not important.”

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“I tried to fix it, I tried to fix it. I did everything I could, and the crazy thing is, looking back at these messages, I look like a begging donkey, j—-“, continued Jackie, adding that she was “sick” reading the texts in which allegedly “begged”. ” to be with her.

“It is what it is,” added Jackie, who has since deleted all of Josh’s photos on her Instagram apart from a few promotional pictures for Love is blind.

PEOPLE has reached out to Josh for comment.

Jackie Bonds on ‘Love Is Blind’. Courtesy of Netflix

Fans learned in After the Altar especially that Josh and Monica got engaged in the pods during Season 4 — but it was never shown on camera. Not long after, the two broke up and Josh continued to pursue Jackie after she broke up with her own fiancé, Marshall Glaze.

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But Monica – who was “best friends” with Jackie – later opened up about their engagement on social media, causing a rift between her and the new couple. Jackie specifically accused her of being “sloppy” and “vindictive” with her approach to going out in public with her engagement.

Josh also accused Monica of being “disrespectful” and an “influencer” during their explosive clash in After the Altar.

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Josh Demas and Monica Rodriguez from Love Is Blind.

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Back in May, Jackie shared how she and Josh are so in tune with each other as she opened up about finding lasting love in an Instagram Q&A.

“I’ve always dreamed of this kind of love. He really is my twin,” she wrote alongside a photo of the couple who moved in together after the show. “We both laugh. He understands me, he’s such a patient man.”

“I know his buttons [and] he knows mine,” she added. “We hardly ever argue.”

Love is blind.  (L to R) Jackie, Josh

Jackie Bonds and Josh Dumas in ‘Love Is Blind’. Jackie from Netflix’s ‘Love Is Blind’ talks about her ‘one regret’ and why her ‘make it or break it’ decision was ‘simple’

The TV personality added that Josh has been her “rock” amid the aftermath of her breakup with Marshall.

“While I was crying and trying to fight the world, he was trying his best to protect me by hiding his pain,” Jackie explained. “At the time I was fighting I forgot how it would affect him. I broke his heart and it is still hidden in my soul.”

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She concluded her message by expressing her hope for a future together. “He is my person, I love him, I would marry him a thousand times and have 49 children with him,” she wrote.

“This is my love, soul and heart. I carry his love with me everywhere,” she added. “The love I feel for him is unimaginable. Part of my chromosome, part of my DNA.”

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Love is blind season 4 is now streaming on Netflix.

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