Love Is Blind’s Zanab & Cole Haven’t Spoken Since Wedding

Zanab Jaffrey and Cole Barnett have had zero “communication” since she turned him down during the Love Is Blind season 3 finale. Zanab and Cole had one of the more rocky experiences after leaving the pods. Cole had issues with Zanab’s “passive-aggressive” attitude, and Zanab felt undesired by her fiancé. The tension only mounted when Cole finally met Colleen Reed in person and admitted his attraction to her. Cole made things worse when he rated Colleen a “10 out of 10” and told Zanab she was a 9.

Once at the altar, Zanab verbally obliterated Cole before turning him down. She scolded him for having “shattered” her “self-confidence.” Looking back at the disastrous wedding, Zanab doubled down on her verbal lashing at Cole and revealed their lack of communication. “I stand by everything I said,” Zanab told People, before detailing the status of their current relationship. “We do not speak. We didn’t really leave a friendship or a mutual respect, I think, for each other to have. So there isn’t communication between the two of us.” At the Love Is Blind season 3 reunion, Zanab blasted Cole some more with revelations that didn’t make the final cut.

Love Is Blind’s Zanab Wishes She Met Cole’s Family

According to Zanab, Cole allegedly tried to control her eating habits and even kissed another woman at his bachelor party. The Love Is Blind reunion ended with an unaired scene that showed the then-live-in couple arguing about Zanab’s diet ahead of the wedding. The deleted scene highlighted the scarred dynamic between the engaged pair. Another big issue was Cole’s family’s refusal to meet Zanab. Cole’s parents said they only wanted to meet Zanab if she married their son. Looking back, Zanab thinks that had she met Cole’s family, it “really” would’ve made a difference. “I brought out a different side of Cole, and I think maybe we wouldn’t have ended up where we did,” she told People. While Zanab claims the two haven’t spoken, Cole said otherwise. “Zay and I are having a lot of hard conversations and working through a lot of our baggage from our relationship,” Cole told People.

Zanab and Cole made peace at the Love Is Blind reunion. But the damage was already done. He even claimed to have been in frequent communication with Zanab in the last week. Cole believes there is still something there and seemingly has hope that they can maintain some type of relationship. There were a number of red flags between the Love Is Blind duo. Zanab had no issue expressing her gripes with Cole, like his habit of leaving towels around the house and joking around a lot. Cole took issue with Zanab’s mood swings and her sarcastic criticism of his lifestyle and personality.

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With Zanab having lost both of her biological parents and Cole’s parents refusing to meet Zanab, the lack of family support also posed a threat. In the end, there were a number of signs that Cole and Zanab wouldn’t make it as a couple. The pair left Love Is Blind season 3 just as single as they came in. Hopefully, they can at least be friends.

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