Loyal dog constantly looking at the sea waiting for the owner is a fisherman without knowing that he has passed away

A woman named Jolie Mejía and her family decided to rest on the beach near Peru.

The family noticed a dog at the beach. A dog is proof that true love and loyalty exist. The dog looks pretty good and has a ribbon around its neck. The dog looks clean and very well cared for.

The family became very interested in finding out why the dog was looking out to sea. They feed the dog and wait for its owner. The dog does not look abandoned.

The story of why the dog loves to stare at the ocean is that it had an owner who was a dead fisherman.

The dog continued to look out at the sea. He remains attached and loyal to his master and is still waiting for his arrival.

The sad story of the dog is known to many people who live or visit the coast. The dog is fed and cared for by people in the community.

The dog’s name is Vaguito. The family parted ways with the dog, but locals say the dog is being cared for by a woman who lives nearby.

The story of the dog is touching and sad. A dog’s loyalty is very incomparable. The dog kept chasing down the sea.

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