Luenell Said Her Husband Was Better Than Any Other Man, Even When He Was Sick

In a YouTube video posted on August 10, 2020, comedian and actress Luenell admitted that her husband was better than any man who was called competent at the time.

She discusses her marriage with her husband

Years after their wedding, comedian Luenell is still passionately in love with the man she married. In a quick interview with the guy “TI” HARRIS, the comedian spoke at length about what marriage means to him. The comedian shared in the video that marriage is about loving and supporting someone when they are at their lowest.

She added that marriage vows are meant to be together no matter what, regardless of wealth or health. Luenell went on to say that she and her husband are currently in the “sickness” of the oath. However, this did not diminish her feelings for him.


Campbell’s husband was recently diagnosed with prostate cancer and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. On the plus side, Luenell has been with her husband like a rock. The American actress and comedian revealed that she loves and respects her husband unconditionally, regardless of their sexual relationship.

And she claims that marriage should be like that. He wholeheartedly believes that young couples should strive for this. Not only that, the 61-year-old comedian also expressed her love for her husband on other social networks.

On November 4, 2020, the devoted wife shared a photo of her hand in her husband’s hand. Winter couple showing off their wedding rings. Luenell discovered the ideal combination of words to complement the photo.

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Her daughter is banned from entering for her and her husband’s safety

During the COVID-19 pandemic, a devoted wife did her best to protect herself and her sick husband from the virus. The comedian announced on Instagram that she banned her daughter Da’Nelle from entering her home. The actress explained the reason to the fans.

It turns out that her daughter and boyfriend spend time with her friends rather than being isolated. Faced with the severity of COVID-19 for the elderly and sick, Luenell told her daughter to keep a safe distance.

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