Lydia Gaston & Tia Carrere Interview: Easter Sunday

Comedian Jo Koy to debut feature film Easter. Coy plays Joe Valencia, a man hesitant to vacation with his loving (albeit bossy) family. The movie features an all-star cast that delivers lively family gatherings. Stars include Tia Carrere and Lydia Gaston.

rant . screen Chat with the couple about their family quirks, their filmmaking experiences, etc.

Screen Rant: I think it made me realize how weird every family is. When you invite someone over, you say, “Well, I’ll warn you three things happen when you come to dinner with my family,” or whatever. If someone came to a party at your house, what would you warn them about first?

Tia Carrell: I would say, “Go hungry.” Because there will be a lot of food, and you will want to eat it all because it is so delicious.

Lydia Gaston: “You can be made fun of. People can make fun of you.”

Tia Carrel: Because you’re not Filipino.

Lydia Gaston: Yes.

I have to come find you. My answer was: “Eat first. There won’t be anything there.”

Tia Carrere: Oh no. This is the saddest thing I’ve ever heard. Wrong.

Lydia Gaston: No, there’s always plenty of food. Do not worry. It won’t run out.

Tia Carrell: Yes. You must bring an empty Cool Whip bin for leftovers.

Anyone who knows Joe Koy would think we know his mother pretty well. What does this role mean? What you feel is your spark…

Lydia Gaston: The first time I read Profile, I started laughing because it was so recognizable. how… i don’t know. She just feels like everything about her is right, and it’s true. As a mother, you can see what can go wrong. So you have to warn people, or “I told you so”.

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It’s funny because I’m sitting here and I think, you guys are so cute together. But in the movie, you guys contradict each other throughout the movie.

Tia Carrere: Oh, it’s fun because we enjoy hanging out together. When we’re away from the screens, we hike, shop, and take the water ferry. So after the cut was done, we laughed and hugged.

Lydia Gaston: Yes. I think this is the first time I’ve actually experienced this kind of chemical reaction with a woman, because normally you would use a—

Tia Carrere: Guys, or…

Lydia Gaston: …with a man.

Tia Carrere: Yes, yes, yes. attractive.

Lydia Gaston: But chemistry alone is interesting.

Tia Carrere: Yeah, that’s interesting.

Tia Carrere: I think it’s because we’re all the same. We have the same frame of reference, the same parents, grandparents or aunts.

Lydia Gaston: I think we have a secret connection.

Now, I have to say, today is the 30th anniversary wayne’s world. This movie has stuck with me since I came from Delaware.

Tia Carrell: Delaware. What are you doing in Delaware? Correct. It’s terrible.

So whenever I say, “Hi, my name is Ash. I’m from Delaware,” people say, “It’s like wayne’s world? ‘ and I thought, ‘Yeah, like wayne’s world“.

Tia Carrere: I really didn’t like the way they classified us in that movie. Correct. I mean, it’s unbelievable that I was part of this phenomenon, and that was 30 years ago. It was like a blink of an eye to me. And I’m still here. I still stand and still do. I am very touched.

Still hot, still vibrant, still growing. Now, Joe tells me that he wants to make a series of movies about his life. A little mention at the end. Is this something you guys are interested in doing?

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Tia Carrere: I think we want to do part two in Manila.

Lydia Gaston: Yes, yes, yes.

Tia Carrell: Or Hawaii. That’s what we wanted to do, part two of the movie.

Summary of Easter Sunday

Indie blockbuster Joe Koy (“Joe Koy: His Element,” “Joe Koy: In Heat”) stars as a man who comes home to celebrate Easter in an affair where he gets mad, argues, and wrote a letter to Filipino-Americans. community from eating, drinking and his loving family.

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