Maddy Anholt dead: BBC star dies aged 35 after battling rare brain cancer following birth of her daughter

BBC star Maddy Anholt has died aged just 35 after a battle with a rare brain cancer following the birth of her daughter.

Anholt, who was diagnosed with the disease shortly after giving birth, has starred in several BBC, ITV and Channel 4 sitcoms and was a regular on This Morning.


Anholt posted this image in her heartbreaking latest post Credit: InstagramAnholt was a regular guest this morning


Anholt was a regular guest on This MorningCredit: Rex

She was an ambassador for Women’s Aid and wrote two books on domestic violence and toxic relationships.

Anholt wrote for The Sun in 2022 about how you can get out of a toxic or abusive relationship while still looking after yourself.

She has starred in series including The Emily Attack Show, Sunny D, Jerk and Mariah: The Diva.

The star was also a fan favorite at the Edinburgh Fringe and Latitude Festival.

Anholt trained as an actress alongside comedy stars Miranda Hart and Bridget Christie, and performed her plays Diary of a Dating Addict and Rent Girl to packed audiences.

In a GoFundMe post late last night, her family said: “It is with deep sadness that we announce the passing of Maddy Anholt, our beloved daughter, sister, twin, friend, wife and mother, who left this world on Wednesday September 13th at the age of 35.

“You may know that shortly after the birth of her amazing daughter Opal last year, Maddy was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of brain cancer.

“She handled the surgery and the treatment that followed with incredible grace and courage, accompanied every step of the way by her family and devoted husband, Ben.

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“She spent the last weeks at her parents’ house, Sunflower House, bathed in love and peace, with the sounds of nature everywhere.

The family added: “We are overwhelmed with gratitude to the many friends who have supported us with their love and prayers at this difficult time – as well as the countless nurses, doctors and the NHS as a whole, who treated her with unfailing dignity and compassion.

“We would especially like to thank the magnificent team at Seaton Hospice at Home, who are the epitome of empathy, professionalism and love.”

The family is urging fans to donate to Women’s Aid, for which Anholt championed “with characteristic energy and humour”.

The charity’s chief executive, Farah Nazeer, said: “We are devastated by the news of the death of our ambassador Maddy Anholt, who passed away yesterday aged 35.

“Maddy worked closely with us while writing her book on unhealthy relationships.

“Her passion was to raise awareness of bullying among younger people, which she did by working with us on our Love Respect website and through her comedy and writing.

“Maddy was a creative, caring and determined woman, who gave freely of her time to support us at Women’s Aid.

“She wanted to help so that other young women would not experience controlling relationships, and in her memory we will strive to continue this important work.

“Our thoughts are with Maddy’s family today, her husband Ben and her one-year-old daughter Opal.”

Brain cancer: know the symptoms

ACCORDING to the NHS, the symptoms of a brain tumor depend on its severity and which part of the brain is affected.

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However, there are common signs that people can look out for if they are concerned.

These include severe, persistent headaches, seizures, as well as nausea, vomiting and drowsiness.

Other signs can include vision or speech problems, paralysis, and even changes in a person’s taste and smell and ability to remember things.

These symptoms can appear suddenly or develop slowly over time.

If you have one or more of these symptoms and want to get them checked out, there are a few different routes you can take, according to The Brain Tumor Charity.

You can contact your general practitioner who will be able to arrange the necessary tests and check if you have a brain tumor.

Sometimes eye tests can actually detect brain tumors.

However, if the symptoms are sudden or severe, you should go to the emergency room or call 999.

Anholt performed at the Edinburgh Fringe


Anholt performed at the Edinburgh FringeCredits: RexThe star died after a battle with brain cancer


The star died after a battle with brain cancer. Credit: Instagram

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