Man offers husky dog, dog is bigger than owner

Many people want a four-legged friend from an early age. As a result, the hero of the article also wants a pet. He has a dog, he even knows what he will call it: “Cassio”.

Unfortunately, his parents are completely opposed to that responsibility. And now as an adult, the young man did not give up on his dream and set out to find his friend.

Fate puts him in love with a woman who is selling her last husky. A young man gets to work in a bank.

He said he had to answer the phone, so the last dog with incredibly beautiful eyes had to go. And he’s looking for a loving “parent”.

Cassio proves to be a friendly, intelligent and humble dog. From the very first moment, he likes to be with himself. That definitely makes him happy.

Over the months, it became increasingly difficult for his owner to take him to the bathroom to wash his feet. Cassio quickly became anonymous. He likes to be loved.

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