Marcelo Football Luciano Sanchez Accident: Insimbi Zezhwane Accident Today: Football world in shock over horror injury

Since the audience is interested in learning more about Argentine football player Luciano Sanchez, we will discuss him here. The general public is interested in learning more about him, as well as his injury. We have included information on him in this post for the benefit of our readers. Additionally, we will provide information regarding his injury as people are looking it up online. To learn more, read the rest of the article.

Marcelo Football Luciano Sanchez Accident Insimbi Zezhwane Today

Luciano Sanchez of Argentina could miss up to a year of play after completely dislocating his left knee in a terrifying accident that, according to his doctor, is unheard of. The Argentinos Juniors defender suffered the injury when Fluminense’s Marcelo unintentionally trod with his entire weight on his shin. This caused the defender to completely bend his leg backward and elicit shock both on and off the pitch. As he attempted to move past Sanchez but instead stomped right on his leg, Marcelo, a 35-year-old Brazilian great, exited the pitch in tears. After that, the 29-year-old was left wailing in agony and needed to be carried off the pitch by a stretcher.

When Marcelo was sent off the pitch for injuring an opponent, he was visibly unhappy and sobbing. At first, Sanchez’s teammates thought the incident had shattered his leg. His club eventually admitted that he had actually entirely dislocated his knee. However, Sanchez would need to heal from the injuries for about 10 to 12 months, according to Argentino’s physician Alejandro Ronconi. Ronconi said on Wednesday on D Sports Radio, “In 23 years as a doctor, I have never seen anything like this; it is almost a separation of the femur and fibula.” Sanchez, 29, would have multiple surgeries to repair her knee, he added.

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“Today I had to go through a very trying situation on the pitch. Unintentionally, I hurt a business associate. The best of luck with your recuperation, Marcelo commented on social media. “We are rivals, not enemies,” the Argentinos retorted, thanking Marcelo and Fluminense for their compassion. The teams will square off again in Rio de Janeiro the following week after the game ended in a 1-1 draw. The highest level football competition in South America is the annual Copa Libertadores. Recently, Cristiano Ronaldo responded to a touching note left by Marcelo, a former Real Madrid teammate, following Luciano Sanchez’s sad injury. The event happened during a Copa Libertadores game between Argentinos Juniors and Fluminense. Ronaldo, who presently represents Al-Nassr, posted an emoji with his hands folded to express his sympathy for the hurt Sanchez.

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