Marvel Accidentally Gave X-Men’s New Antihero an R-Rated Name

While it’s no stranger to comic book characters whose names are based on or inspired by popular real-world characters, an X-Men villain has been accidentally given a name R. talk recently.

Comics are filled with some of the most unique names in fiction, as Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, and other Marvel legends often give characters ridiculous names in addition to their superhero nicknames. From the human form of Werewolf in the night known as Jack Russell to Blackagar Boltagon being the real name of the Inhuman, Black Bolt, most heroes and villains, especially in the early days of the Silver Age, They all have some funny and silly names. In modern comics, however, X-Men writer Tiny Howard admits that when naming a new villain, she inadvertently gave it an R rating because it’s an adult actor’s real name. .

Gia Whitechapel first appeared on X’s Sword Crossover, when she’s sheriff Blightspoken wielding a gun in a pocket dimension of an alternate world. With a sleek design and a heady personality, the character has made a big impression on several appearances in the X-Men crossover. However, in a conversation Monday with AIPT Comics’ X-Men, writer Tini Howard admitted that after naming Gia Whitechapel, she was told it was the same name as the adult artist outside real life.

This X-Men character is like no other in real life

During a conversation with AIPT Comics, Tini Howard revealed that Marvel editor Jordan D. White had to explain to her that Gia Whitechapel is actually like a grown-up actor in the real world. Howard said she “didn’t know” that the new X-Men villain from another world shared the same name as an R-rated adult actress.

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It was on the phone that Jordan had to explain to me that the cool name I gave a character recently was of course also the name of an adult performer. I have no idea! Just two great names put together! Zeitgeist, I guess.

Coincidentally, a unique name like Gia Whitechapel isn’t exclusive to the X-Men books where the character first appeared, as real-life adult performers already have names before her. Thankfully, while Gia Whitechapel’s character is a welcome addition to X-Men lore, they only make a few appearances and don’t become a major hero in the MCU. If not, they’ll have to come up with a new name for the character, as X-Men villain Gia Whitechapel is always associated with mature actresses which won’t be good for business.

Source: AIPT

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