Marvel SNAP: Zabu Deck Guide (Tips, Cards & Strategies)

miracle story First updated in 2023, introducing a new Savage Land-themed Seasonal Pass featuring the ferocious saber-toothed tiger Zabu. As the guardian and loyal companion of the Ka-Zar wilds, Zabu’s unique cost-reducing maintainability allows skilled deck builders to dominate late game . However, the player must build an entire deck around Zabu with cards that benefit from this ability. Going all-out and building a deck around a single card can seem risky, but with the right cards and strategy, players can start climbing higher. Marvel’s SNAP Craving unlimited rankings.

players can play miracle story It costs nothing, but it’s worth noting that, at the time of writing, the Zabu Card is only available from the game’s premium Savage Land season ticket. However, title cards from previous seasons, such as Silver Surfer, appeared in the Collector’s Token Store and Stockpile after the season ended. So most likely the same thing will happen to Zabu as well. Zabu is a 3 price tag with 2 energy, which is not particularly good. However, Zabu’s constant ability reduces the cost of a 4-charge card by 2, which is a game changer when used with the right cards.

How to Build a Zabu Deck in Marvel SNAP

Credit: Monday Dinner / Nuverse

Instead of building a deck of 4-card decks to take advantage of Zabu’s abilities, players should aim for balanced decks consisting of 1-, 2-, or 3-price cards. However, players may want to earn tokens Marvel’s SNAP Token shop to collect some more tokens. The 4-charge card is still very important and there are many players who can choose to add it.

Low-cost cards set the stage for a good start

Official Marvel SNAP Zabu Deck Goose, Zabu, Mystique, Wolfsbane, Angela and Quinjet Cards on Savage Land waterfall backdrop

When playing a deck with Zabu cards, the player usually focuses on the next turns and the 4-Price cards. However, certain 1, 2, and 3 price tags have synergies with Zabu and players should add them. The Quinjet card (1 cost, power 2) reduces the price of any non-starting cards in the player’s hand by 1. This has the potential to reduce Zabu’s price by 2, allowing the player to start playing 4 price cards to turn 3.

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Due to Zabu’s abilities, the player also plays a lot of cards. So cards that generate power when other cards are played in the same position, such as Marvel SNAP’s best group 1 card Angela (price 2, power 0) and Wolfsbane (cost 3, strength). 1) benefit. Wolfsbane is best played in full position, as she gets 2 powerups for each card in the same position.

Players can also start the match by interrupting their opponent. Goose (price 2, power 2) has great synergy with Zabu, as his continue prevents two players from playing 4, 5, and 6 price tags in his place. Players can take advantage of this by playing high power reduced cost cards in Goose’s place. It can be difficult for their opponents to build enough strength with the 1, 2, and 3 price tags they have to effectively lock a player into a position.

Mysticism (cost 3, strength 0), one of miracle story The best card in group 3 has the ability that allows her to double the ongoing ability of the last card played. This makes her a basic addition to any deck that includes Zabu. Using her after Zabu allows the player to double Zabu’s ability, reducing the mana cost of 4x cards falling to 1. This allows the player to play a truly ridiculous amount of cards on turn 5 and 6.

High-cost cards benefit from Zabu’s capabilities

Marvel SNAP Zabu Deck Wong, Jubilee, Devil Dinosaur, Infinaut, Blue Marvel, Rescue, Omega Red, Shang-Chi and Moon Girl Official Cards Savage Lands Waterfall Background

Players should play Zabu as soon as possible, although this will depend on where the game is played and their starting hand. However, once Zabu is placed, players are free to start using the 4 price cards they can pick and choose from the ones shown above for a discount.

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Players can try a multitude of strategies, but players should include Wong (4 cost, 2 power). Wong mixes well with many cards including Gambit due to his sustain, which causes the other cards’ Reveal ability to happen twice. Wong is said to be a necessary addition if the player has a 4-price card with the ability to Enable Reveal. Players may like Jubilee (4 cost, 1 power) due to her Reveal Enable ability, which plays a random card from the player’s deck at the same spot.

Official Marvel SNAP Zabu Deck Jubilee, Devil Dinosaur, Infinaut and Blue Marvel Card set in Wild Falls

With Jubilee, the player can add certain high power cards, such as Demon Dinosaur (5 cost, 3 power), which receives 2 power for each card in the player’s hand, or Infinaut (6 cost, 20 power). power) can only be played if the player above No cards is played in a round. Players using Infinaut-based decks often join Jubilee to get around this limitation. Therefore, the player can let her get some powerful cards for free. Alternative cards that work well with Jubilee include Blue Marvel (5 cost, 3 energy) because he gives all cards 1 extra energy.

To enhance the power of other cards, the player can also add Rescue (4 cost, 4 power), because if the player plays a card in her place on the next turn, she will receive gain 5 more power. Also, if the player has a 10 mana lead in Omega Red’s position, Omega Red (4, 5 mana cost) has the potential to give 4 more mana to other positions. This works well with Goose, who has the ability to allow players to gain a significant lead.

Official Marvel SNAP Zabu Deck Rescue, Omega Red, Shang-Chi and Moon Girl Cards on Wild Waterfall Background

similar to play Marvel’s SNAP Galactus cards, playing a few 4 Cost cards might be enough to convince your opponent to give up. However, for particularly stubborn opponents, players can use Shang Chi (4 cost, 3 power) and the ability to destroy any card with a power of 9 or higher. Shang-Chi itself is often destructive, but with Zabu, the cost is also reduced. This gives the player a quick “panic button card” that allows them to destroy any unexpectedly high power cards their opponent plays.

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Moon Girl (4 gold, 4 mana) is also a good choice, thanks to her On Reveal ability, which doubles the player’s hand. Essentially, this gives players more cards and lower costs to play against their opponents. Lots of strategy and rudimentary gameplay miracle story And having a double of all of the above is of course a way for players to frustrate their opponents and knock them down.

Marvel SNAP Savage Land Storm, Ka-Zar and Zabu in Savage Land Jungle Credit: Monday Dinner / Nuverse

Finally, players should be aware that there are a lot of 4-Cost cards in the game. miracle story and different strategies. Marvel’s SNAP The deck building rewards creativity and there’s no shortage of cards for Zabu. Players who include Zabu and try their favorite card combinations will be rewarded miracle story A deck that really leaves your opponent feeling out of place.

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    What it is: Marvel brings the madness of the multiverse into the digital collectible card game scene with Marvel SNAP, the 1v1 multiplayer digital TCG now available on iOS, Android, and PC. In Marvel Snap, players assemble a team of their favorite heroes and villains to battle other players for three minutes in this fast-paced card game. Animation is the dynamic and outstanding work of art by many artists throughout Marvel’s history, including several new talents – all tailored specifically for the game – with over 150 original illustrations. eye. The deck is small and each player can only play 6 turns. From former Hearthstone CCG director Ben Brode, the game is free to play with monetization elements. Marvel SNAP ends beta and officially launches on October 18, 2022.

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